Make Money Online Writing + Real Writing Jobs Review

Like writing? If you have decent writing skills, then it's possible for you to make a little extra income on the side by writing articles online! Writing a book or newspaper articles are not the only jobs for writers these days. People are always looking for information these days, and there are hundreds of websites dedicated to just about any topic ever.

Information is found on websites, and those websites are created by people who thoroughly research the topic at hand in order to create a high quality website. Most website owners do not create the content themselves though, that's where you're come in. People are always looking for someone else to research and write the information for them, which means there are really an endless number of available jobs for you online with countless places to find them.

A good place to start would be a site known as Fiverr. Fiverr is a website where people perform specific tasks for five dollars, although in the end you get three dollars and eighty-two cents so be sure to take that into account. Do a simple search on article writing and set the filter to most popular first. By doing this you'll see exactly what people are looking for and you'll be able to create a service worth looking at. Of course, competition is tough on Fiverr, so you will be to do some advertising elsewhere, such as social networks, in order to get a few initial sales. Creating a short video and uploading it to your gig will also help your service get noticed. For the video, just make a short slideshow about what you are going to offer and do not forget to mention that it is exclusively for Fiverr.

Freelancing websites is another route you could take. There are quite a number of available jobs on freelance sites such as Freelancer or Odesk, but do not just apply to any of them as you may have a limited number of times you can apply in one day. Make sure to fill out your profile extensively to raise your chances of being chosen for the job. Unfortunately, there are many people looking for unfairly cheap articles, so be cautious. In my personal opinion, the lowest you should go is $ 1/100 words, but of course the value of a dollar could be worth much more in your country as well as the fact that you may need to do more for less to get started in the freelance community.

Textbroker is probably the best option for those starting out. This site is basically a job board where article titles are listed and you choose the one you like the best. When joining, you will have to do a simple sample article test to determine your writing level. Level 3 is basic and you'll start at $ 1/100 words, but if you do get level 2 do not worry, as with a little practice you will get to Level 3 in no time. Make sure to proof-read and check your grammar, because Textbroker will be checking every article you write.

Membership sites are another popular option. This is the only method for finding articles that costs money, but you will not have to worry so much about competition and articles are much more interesting to write than on Textbroker. The service most notable is Real Writing Jobs, which is best article membership site you could join. Of course, membership costs money, so you will have to write a little bit to pay off the membership fee first, but you will surely make a profit in no time. It's the simplest way to get started writing online. If you're interested in this option then check out my video review on the service on the link below. I will go more in-depth into if it's right for you as well as list the pros and cons.

With so many options, there's no way you could fail at finding a few writing gigs. You could also create your own site, set up a service on a forum, advertise on Craigslist, sell your service on eBay, try listing your gig on Fiverr-like sites, contacting informational site owners directly, and there's probably a lot more I haven 't even listed or thought of. If you want to be a writer, the jobs are available, all you have to do is take action and write!

Source by Robert Jonas

Freelance Copywriting – Provide Value, and Watch your Income Soar

You’re a freelance copywriter, so your successful clients are your best promotional asset. Don’t be surprised however, if some of your clients are reluctant to share your name with colleagues and competitors in their industry.

When you provide value, you’re a precious, jealously guarded resource to them. They don’t want to share you, but you can encourage them to do so.

So how do you provide value, and get your clients to promote your name?

You provide value by always following up with clients to check what results they’re getting from your copy, and you’re willing to work with your clients to get the best results possible. In return, you ask that they share your name with others.

Following up, and asking for referrals has two effects: you’re highly valuable to your clients, because you’re a real member of their team, and you’ll spend less time marketing your services because your clients do it for you.

Write Your Quid Pro Quo Terms Into Your Copywriting Services Agreement

Write your terms – the following up process, and your requirement that your clients refer you to others – right into your copywriting services agreement. (You do have an agreement, don’t you? It’s essential.)

In effect, when you follow up with your clients to track the results they get from your copy you’re offing a “results guaranteed” service. Don’t let this frighten you. Not only do most copywriters fail to follow up, most clients fail to follow up on their promotions too.

By insisting that you follow up on your copy in your agreement, you’re doing your clients a service – you’re forcing them to pay attention to results.

And of course, since it’s in your agreement, you’re also nudging your clients to promote your services.

A freelance copywriter who follows up is rare. Be willing to extend yourself for your clients, and they’ll do the same for you. They’ll also happily pay your rates, and will refer you to others, once they know that you’re focused on results, and that you get them.

Source by Angela Booth

Make Money on Ebay – First it was my Hobby-Now it's my Business!

One of the challenges that is faced by those who want to make money on eBay is associated with the continuous growth of their business. It is taking a part time business and moving to higher sales levels. It is absolutely moving from part time to full time sales levels.

Every seller must find their own market niche before making efforts to grow their business. Look for a niche where there is already a level of knowledge about the niche and the products within the niche. Be sure you also like what you are doing. While it is fun to make money on eBay it is even more fun to invest your time and effort in something that you really enjoy while making money. Find products in your niche that offer you the potential to make a higher profit on every sale. In fact the higher the profit per item the better candidate that item should be to you.

To build sales means that you must build the options for getting those sales. Become committed to listing more products. While it is likely that there are many other things drawing at you during this time in the development of your business, this must be a priority. Without listings there will be no sales. If there are not sales you can not make money on eBay.

Building sales is much easier with a solid customer base. While there are millions and millions of prospective buyers on eBay, having a base of satisfied customers makes growing your business a lot easier. Treat every customer as the gold that they are to you in your efforts to make money on eBay.

Open an eBay store. Often if you have an auction for a larger item and sell accessories that are lower priced in your eBay store, buyers who win the auction for the larger item want to buy accessories. Even buyers who did not win your auction might have taken the time to look through your eBay store and found either an accessory that they fell in love with or you were lower priced so they still buy these accessories from you.

Do not forget to promptly ship items that have sold. Your eBay Buyers are looking for instant delivery after payment has been made. Do not make them wait.

To your eBay success!

Source by Bob Hamilton

Because Making Money From Home Is Not an Option

Are you in a losing battle? Does it seem like the harder you work the less progress you seem to make? Is there more month to pay for life and less paycheck to pay it with? Are you continuously trimming back the budget to make ends meet?

You’re not alone! Many struggle with this same problem. The problem we all have is not about managing our expenses. It’s about generating more income!

Making money from home is quickly becoming the hot topic. The home based business industry has exploded with opportunities to earn additional income from the comfort of your home.

For a lot of us, working an 8 hour day job is the only avenue to providing for our families. The 8 hour work day is more like 10 to 11 hours after lunch break and commuting time depending on the city you live in. The average annual commute to work is additional 20% of the total hours worked in a year.

The real value of that time continues to decline as the cost of living (food, housing, transportation, energy and clothing) gets more expensive. Our living cost eats away not only on our paycheck but on the time we spend earning a living. That money is slowly lost and cannot be earned back!

It seems like there is an invisible force that keeps you in the rat race. A force so strong it consumes all efforts to slow it down. Physical, emotional and spiritual well being is sacrificed to keep the hidden forces from destroying your life.

What are those forces? They are inflation, debt, taxes and retirement. These four forces will defeat your dreams and aspirations quietly and effectively over a long period of time.

Inflation:the cost of food, housing, transportation, energy and clothing. Without a doubt the most destructive of the hidden forces, inflation takes money out of your wallet silently and relentlessly. There are a few causes of inflation but none that you can directly control.

Governments around the world are passing “austerity measures” along with tax increases to keep inflation from tearing their countries apart. With less and less money to purchase the necessities of life, stability and domestic peace is in danger of deteriorating.

Debt:the cost of acquiring a lifestyle. Some debt is necessary. Buying a house without acquiring debt is next to impossible. In the movie Its a Wonderful Life Henry Potter suggest to George Bailey that people should work and save their money to buy a house. George’s responds with Wait! Wait for what? Until their children grow up and leave them? Until they’re so old and broken down that they…

Some debt is unnecessary. The use of debt to buy consumable goods is never a good idea. With interest rates ranging from 15% to 22% it will take every last penny your family needs.

Managing your debt is a skill that requires constant vigilance. The recent housing crisis in the United States tells us just how susceptible we are to the ups and downs of market forces beyond our control.

Taxes:the thieves that come in the name of protection. Governments use taxes to pay for the necessary function of government but also to pay for promises made to keep and maintain power.

Various agencies charge your employer with the responsibility of collecting all the taxes due. Whether or not you have the money to keep a roof over head or food on the table, the tax man takes what he requires. You cannot control this hidden force, only try to manage your life around it.

Retirement:the setting aside of future provision. We all come to a place in life when we can no longer work to pay for our living expenses. Retirement Savings (401k’s, IRA’s, ROTH IRAs and Keogh plans) are the common sense way to do that. However, savings accounts are wiped out either by unscrupulous money manger’s (aka, crooks) or by market corrections.

Add to the retirement account the effect of inflation over your working life, that money has less and less value. It is the fear of every retiree that inflation will destroy their life’s savings.

All of these forces erode your ability to provide for you and your family. Robert Kiyosaki states: “Those who work the hardest and are paid the least suffer the most from the constant erosion of money’s value.”

What can you do to defeat the forces of evil bent on destroying your life?

A second income or a second and third job would be the solution to generate more income. Prior to 1995 it was the only solution that a family could exercise besides going back to school or earning an advanced degree. Join a Network Marketing company was another alternative.

Stay at home Moms found themselves choosing the work place instead of staying at home with their kids to keep food on the table. Many Dads started looking for the second job or night school that might help get a better job.

But in 1995 that all changed with advent of the Internet. Having been a tool of document sharing and communications at universities and the military for years, the general public had no idea what the Internet could do for them.

The use of a computer and an Internet connection allows the world of online users to come to your doorstep. It is as if you are inviting customers into your place of business without the expense of a store front.

At first few realized the power of this platform. But in a few short years since, the Internet has become a stable, user friendly environment for building a business anywhere an Internet connection exists.

The Internet exists because millions of searches are performed every hour by people looking for products, services or ideas to better their lives. Without those searches, the Internet would be an expensive communications tool. But there is more to it than you might think.

The Internet can be a store front. A place where customers can come to find your product, service or idea. It can be a place to advertise or to inform the public about anything touching their lives. Publish e-books for sale or as a premium to come to your store.

The benefits of the Internet have applications in Network Marketing companies. Instead of focusing on friends and family to promote your product, service or idea, the world is a potential customer with millions looking for what you have to offer.

Training your new recruits can be simple too. No more using expensive hotels or restaurants to hold training meetings. Services that allow multi users to see your monitor and hear your voice can make cross country and international meeting a snap.

New benefits have been created by the Internet. Internet Marketing, hi-tech advertising, creates a 24/7 awareness of products, services or ideas that are available around the world. Affiliate Marketing, being paid by referring customers to a site, is a growing niche market for Internet Marketers.

There are many great companies promoting needed products and services on the Internet. Simple searches can produce hundreds of potentially profitable companies to begin making money from home.

In closing, making money from home is no longer about making a better widget and then finding Venture Capital to manufacture and promote your product. It can be as simple as placing ads on search engines or being active in a community forum.

The possibilities are as endless as the Internets reach. All it takes is a little education and some imagination. Then making money from home may be a reality for you.

Source by Michael S. Turner

How Much Money Do You Make Selling Avon Products?

This is a question asked by many potential representatives of the Avon product line. The potential for making money is always a direct result of the effort and energy you put into selling. In addition, as a network marketing/direct sales company you will make money when you recruit other Avon reps to sell the products.

Avon is known as the company for women. 122 years in business Avon is a household name in the personal care industry. David McConnell, built this company on solid values with a commitment to high ethics and product integrity.

There are several ways to make money selling Avon products. You can earn from 20% to 50% commission or profits on your own personal sales. The % discount you receive on the products is directly related to the volume you personally sell to your customers. For the avid retailer who enjoys having product parties this part of the compensation plan can make a nice side income. Again, the amount earned will be a direct reflection of your personal sales.

You can also qualify to earn commissions on what is called group or team volume. This is calculated be looking at your group volume. As you build your Avon Products business recruiting others into the program, you will be paid a % up to 12 % of your team volume. As people in your group rise in rank your commission will change as they are now qualified for the commission you were receiving, however you will receive an ongoing % of the leaders group volume as a leadership bonus.

Avon also has car bonus for the higher levels within the compensation plan.

IF you have a desire to sell products, recruit friends, family and associates into this company, you can make money selling the products. However, if you don’t have the desire to recruit and sell to your friends, I would continue to look for an opportunity that is online based.

Source by Joshua Valentine

Make Money Online Working Part-Time – Do not Quit Your Day Job

Who would not enjoy a little extra spending money each month? I know I never turn down money. Starting an online business can be a great way to earn some part-time income in conjunction with your full-time job.

A lot of times when people get into online business they dream of earning a full-time income and quitting their jobs. While this is definitely not a bad goal, and is entirely achievable, starting with trying to earn a part-time income is the way to go. Once you achieve that, you can try and scale it up.

Pick One Method And Stick With It

Are you going to offer a service? Are you going to sell your own product? Are you going to do affiliate marketing? These are all questions you should ask yourself to determine how you're going to earn extra income online. All methods are possible, but all methods should not be tried all at once. Focus on one method until you see success.

If you'd like to try the other methods as well, that's OK. What I recommend is to focus on one, then dedicate a small amount of time to one of the other methods. Once you figure out how much time you're going to allocate to the second method, only work on the 2nd method during the allocated time. No longer. This will allow you to stay focused on your original goal, while also trying to develop other revenue streams.

Focus On Earning Your First Dollar

Once you figure out how you're going to make money either offering a service or selling a product, trying to make your first dollar is where some of the biggest challenges come. This is where a huge portion of the learning curve exists. Because of this, the old adage, "Do not quit your day job" applies. The pressure of having no other income source motivates some people, but it makes most people panic. All this usually does makes them desperate to succeed, so they bounce around from method to method to find that "magic bullet" that is going to make them rich quick. Usually they never find that "magic bullet". So I feel it's appropriate to say, "Do not quit your day job."

Build It Up

Now that you've got your product or service, and your first dollar in your pocket streamline your process. Figure out ways to tweak your marketing, sales copy, or whatever else you're using to optimize your business. Once it's optimized and making you consistent money, you're ready to scale your model up to help earn a full time income from your internet business.

Many new internet marketers dream of finding a "magic bullet" and making a full time living immediately. We're swayed by the dreams of riches the "gurus" promote. This can happen, but it's very rare … like winning the lottery. Earning a part-time income is not as exciting as the "magic bullet", but it's entirely achievable, and attainable. Once you attain a steady part-time income, a full-time income is just around the corner.

Source by Greg W. Scott

Extra Money – How to Make Money in Internet

Many times we might think we can not make money online. If you have thought this, you must know that when you have the right advice and the right site, you can make money online. We also need to fight the unemployment rate of this country. In this article you will learn some good tactics to earn extra money online.

We are going to give you the names of the sites to make money online, but before you must follow some advices. First, you need to set a couple of hours per day to take jobs online. This may sound strange but you must have discipline. Also you need to understand that you will be a freelancer, you will not be an employee. You will set you own hours and spend more time with your family. This is one of the best reasons to be a freelancer, spending more time with your loved ones. You might be asking yourself what a freelancer is, a freelancer is someone working from home. is a cool site to start making money online. The technology of this site is really great. They will ensure that you are going to be paid pay the hour, well paid. The technology that they have will allow them to do it. You will have many tool to keep in touch with your employer. One thing that might be boring is the tests that you have to take if you want to compete in a higher level in this site.

Source by Marlin Estevens

Can I Really Make Money On The Internet

Many internet marketers would probably have asked themselves this question at some time or other: “Can I really make money on the internet?” You may already have tried your hand at it or you now want to consider it. You would have heard people say that only 10% of those who get into it succeed. Some even say that it is only 5%. The point is if 5% or 10% can make it, how can you make sure that you are one of those?

It is a fact that some people make it. So you should be able to learn it from how these people are doing it, and there is no shortage of products that say they will teach you how to make money on the internet.

Easier said than done. The internet is a very noisy place. You can search the net on how to make money online and you will get many different possibilities. Then there will be this typical subscription box that will be on the page or float in telling you that you will get some information or tool for free that will tell you everything there is to know. Since, it is free, typically people will subscribe as they are interested in making money on the internet.

Now that you have subscribed, you will get an email to confirm that you asked to subscribe. This is a good thing as it helps avoid spam. You will only get information if you opt in. Then you are given access to some report or tool. There are good reports and there are rehashed reports. Assuming it is a good report, you learn something. If you are a complete newbie at this, you probably still will not know the next action. Typically, most tools handle only some specific aspect. If you needed such a tool, then you can use it and get value from it. If not, people will probably archive it somewhere in case they can use it in future. If you are a little familiar, you could take some action but still there will be some nagging questions. The question “Can I really make money on the internet?” arises again.

After you have opted in, you will then start getting emails. Some of these internet marketers are generous with the kind of information they provide and you can take some actions. It is only fair that for their contribution, they will send emails that promote certain products. Some of these pages are so good, that it can be difficult to resist purchasing the product immediately. Of course, there are testimonials but sometimes you wish there could a comparison with other products that you can see before you decide to purchase.

So you get the product. Unfortunately some of these sales pages read as if there is little or almost nothing you need to do to make money online. Whatever the sales page leads you to think, take note that there is work to be done. There are people who like what they read in the sales page and buy the product. After reading, some action will be required. You think that you will get to it later, but another exciting web page or email will appear in front of you, and the whole cycle begins again. Purchase the next product and no action. Ask yourself “Can I really make money on the internet?” at this point in time. If no action is taken, there will be no money to be made.

To be fair, a lot of people take action, but they find that the product handles only one aspect of the whole internet marketing angle. You might get a whole bunch of freebies thrown in to help, but it is so difficult to get the whole thing to hang together. For some products, you will find help from forums, but many a time you really wish you had a mentor to whom you can ask specific questions. Unfortunately there are even mentor programs that do not live up to expectations.

So to the question “Can I really make money on the internet?”, the answer is “yes”. The challenge is in finding a product or a program where information, guidance and tools are presented in a manner that is easy to follow. It will be much better if there is some kind of mentoring that you can get along with the rest of the stuff. With the products, actions and a bit of patience, you definitely should be able to make money on the internet.

Source by Regina Maniam

How Banks Make Money

Find out how banks work and make money. Read this report right now to get the real truth:

Banks are businesses and need to make profit just like any other business. Many people (mostly poor) associate this type of business with something evil. The truth is that we need banks and they need us. Banks need to thrive and if they did not, our economy would be in a really bad state. Yes these are economically challenging times already but things would be a lot worse if the banks suffered.

Here are 5 Ways they make money:

1- Loans:

They offer us loans and make money in the form of interest. There is always risk involved and this type of business is no exception. They charge higher interest rates for loans that pose a higher risk and charge lower interest rates on loans that pose less risk. The amount that they charge in interest in most typical cases depends on how many people wanting to borrow and how much that they can afford to lend.

2. Savings Accounts:

  • Most banks offer their customers around 4% in interest on the amount of money that they have deposited in their savings accounts. They will in turn offer someone who wants a mortgage at lets say 7% as an example. They make their profit by the difference of (7% – 4%) 3%. These figures are used as examples only and the system in which they use is not so cut and dry. This is just to give you an idea how money is made on savings accounts.
  • Some banks will also use your savings to invest in other things like Forex trading, hedge funds and retirement funds management.

3- Fees:

  • Loan applications fees
  • Closing fees
  • Account maintenance fees
  • Over draft fees
  • Late fees
  • Bank machine fees
  • Paper transaction fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Teller transaction fees
  • Insufficient fund fees

4. Investment Opportunities:

Banks also make money by offering customers stocks, bonds and other securities that they can invest their money into.

Banks play an important role in our lives. They lend us money to buy our homes and cars. Can you imagine having to save up money to buy a house? Many of us would not be able to manage this until maybe after retirement.

Source by Rory Singh

College Student Money Making – How to Make Money in College

Are you like me? Looking for easy money and an easy job? Well how about no day-to-day job. You can study more or party more, what ever you want. How does that sound? Learn how you can become a College Student Money Making Machine! I can show you how you can make 100's per day from home. Let me tell you a little about how I got started. First we need to find resources that we can learn from. There are so many programs out there that promise a lot but fail to deliver.

We need an online website that teaches you how you can make money online using different and proven techniques. Trust me it is no scam. I have found several. Most of them for just under a dollar a day you can learn from the best marketers in the world and how they make up to $ 10000 per day by working online. I myself have utilized these techniques and my best was up to $ 250 per day and I have only been at this a couple of months! I am a successful college student money making artist. All my friends and family have asked me how I do it! I'll share with you what I have already shared with them.

These programs will teach you how to sell products and services to people around the world. You learn how to cater to specific audiences. Vendors and companies pay big time commissions for you to sell their products. The end result can be great for you and your bank account as well as your parent's bank account. You will learn how to use and implement the following:

1. Google AdWords
2. ClickBank
3. Article Marketing with Squidoo and GoArticles
4. Website Hosting and Development
5. And Much, Much, More!

When you learn the above you will become a College Student Money Making expert just like me! When you join one of these top programs.

Tools Included ONLY On Our # 1 Rated Program

1. Site Rubix – Build Your Own Website
2. Hosting – Bigger and Faster Than Leading Hosting Sites. Included for FREE!
3. One on One Coaching From The Founders
4. Forum – Tons of success stories and questions asked. Everyone is willing to help you out!
5. And You Guessed It! Much, Much, More!

I want you to succeed just like I have, please take my advice and visit my website below. I have reviewed that top programs that can teach you to learn how to make some money. I promise you will be financially stress free! For just under a dollar a day you can learn how to make 100's of dollars per day online! Become a college student money making machine like me!

Source by Sam Gray