Forex Secrets – Delusion No1 – Forex Currency Rate And Economic Factors Impact On Exchange Rate


The delusion conceptually propounds that intraweek and intraday FOREX currency quotes movement is governed by either improvement or by deterioration of the state’s economic situation. But in reality, even in case the actual Forex news is superior to the estimated one, the FOREX quotes up/down movement is of 50/50 probability.

This statement is thoroughly important. Once the job of Forex trader is gambling on FOREX exchange rates differential (FOREX pairs up/down movement), the following is to be realized to obtain faultless profit:

FOREX pairs pricing mechanism (say at point X where you are completing the market analysis)

Factors imparting growth/decline to FOREX rates (up/down from point X).

Thus, having understood the FOREX rates factors effective at the extra-exchange (book-maker) FOREX market and the given currency motive factors, a trader must possess distinct knowledge of whether to buy or to sell the given currency pair.

So, what are these factors?

FOREX student suggest unambiguous interpretation of factors responsible for the price formation and the fluctuations there of:

Forex rate constitutes a demand-supply balance for a given goods (currency).

Any violation of this balance, (for instance, in case where the estimated news is in disagreement with the issued official one), results in the FOREX rates reciprocation in chase of a new demand-supply balance. Poor demand brings about decline in a certain currency rate, with a high demand leading to the growth of the latter. The situation continues as long as the currency buy/sell demand comes to balance at another level or at another point.

Referring to the B. Williams (“Trading Chaos 2” Chapter 1 “The market is what you are thinking of it”):

Each world market is dedicated to distribute or share limited amount of something… among those desirous to obtain it most of all. The market affects it by way of finding out and identifying the exact price? Underlying the buyer’/sellers’ power absolute equilibrium point.

The above point is readily established by stock, futures, bonds, FOREX and options markets, be it either via an open auction or by virtue of a computerized facility. Markets spot this point prior to any misbalance being detectable by you or by me or even by traders at the exchange floor.

With this scenario holding true – and it really does – we are in position to jump at certain simple yet important conclusions as regards the information being circulated through the market and enjoying doubtless acceptance”.

Thomas Demark was more laconic in “Technical analysis – an emerging science”:

“Price movement is governed by demand and supply. Should demand exceed supply, there’s a price rally and if visa versa, there’s a price decline. All economists do share these underlying principles”.

Hence, the role of fundamental analysis for FOREX market is readily apparent.

In scholar fiction one will discover roughly the following explanation, persistently wandering from book to book, from site to site and suggesting attaining successful trading at FOREX market by way of scrutinizing the country’s economic fundamental data, viz. by tracking the factors reflective of the country’s economy condition as below:

State economy condition dynamics indicators (GDP, trade & payments balance, current account, industrial production, etc. It is knowledge, that the higher the above indicators – the faster the economic and the currency price growth);

Stock indices, via average arithmetic index of the country’s securities market condition and dynamics. E.g.: 0.3% daily DJI growth in the USA means that this certain day the shares of 30 leading US companies, being pictured by DJU, went 0.3% more expensive. By similarity, DAX30 is the major German index, incorporating the price of shares of the country’s 30 leading companies.

The country’s interest rate, since the higher the rate, the greater number of investors is eager to invest into the country’s economy and hence into national currency strength.

Rate of inflation (the higher the rate, the quicker the National Bank will hike the interest rate). With this assumption, the CPI constitutes a key factor.

Money supply growth in domestic market, which fact brings about the inflation, leading to the interest rate hike.

The country’s gold and currency reserve assets.

Variation dynamics correlation of: balances of payment, trade balance, state budget, gross domestic product (GDP), etc.

Trade and industry dynamics (industrial production, industrial orders, DGO, capacity utilization, retail sales, etc.)

Construction statistics (construction spending, new home sales, housing under construction, building permits, etc.)

Labor statistics (unemployment rate, new jobs, etc.)

Society investigations (consumer confidence, consumer sentiment, purchase managers and service managers sentiment, etc.)

To be considered additionally are the country’s political stability and tranquility (clearly, any political, natural and other cataclysms are sure to turn investors nervous making them withdraw the investments from the country, thus weakening its national currency). And with the currency being the national economy derivative, changes in economic data will inevitably result in the above currency rate movement.


Progress in economy results in the currency exchange rate rally.

Decrease in economic indicators leads to the national currency rate decline.

To sum it up, critical economic and political news (whose calendar is issued in advance and is familiar to any trader) constitute a standing factor giving rise to misbalance and causing the currency rate fluctuations.

In anticipation of important economic and political news FOREX pair crawl to the rates as inspired by the estimates (“rumored trade”), whereas upon actual news there occurs a pulse motion of FOREX pairs in accordance with the scheme below;

Forex rate grows if actual news are better than the estimated one;

Forex rate declines if actual news are worse than the estimated one.


Do you accept that one can earn money by way of using these basics, known to every trader?

Then why, having absorbed these economic axioms, 90% of Forex traders in the world are losers rather than winners.

Where is the delusion of the above ABC truth, nudging traders towards losses? Let us perform sort of point-by-point analysis.

The currency exchange FOREX market is a book-makers one. It is gambling on rates difference without direct money delivery to the exchange market, except for hedging of traders’ funds by Forex brokers, via buy-sell difference especially during strong trends). Then, reads: “Trading is performed without actual currencies supply, which fact cuts overheads and enables Forexite to go long and short on the currency”

Comment: Have you ever met any book-makers;

– whose logics was coincident with that of THEIR clients (traders),

– whose stakes were being made in accordance with THEIR technical analysts forecasts, economic laws and common sense?

And what extent of doubt and skepticism should be attached to THEIR free “recommendations”, “advice”, “surveys” and “forecasts”, laid out at THEIR sites through THEIR analysts?

As a regular result, over 90% of the world traders are still losing their deposits at FOREX each time they follow Thomas Demark stereotype that “All the economists share these underlying principles”.

Comment No.1. In as much as the above underlying principles are 90% contradictory to practice, it gives rise to the following question. Might these “underlying principles, shared by all economists including Thomas Demark” have possibly turned into dogma, alien to life and practice?

Comment No.2. What should a trader lean on: practice or dogma even if supported by great names, provided that the trader is purported at earning money?

FOREX analysts issuing their daily bulky market reviews are not FOREX traders in the overwhelming majority (see detailed discussion below). And on bringing together pairs 1, 2 and 3 there appears certain regularity.

Please, think over A. Elder words, that: “FOREX rates and the fundamental analysis are tied together with a mile-long rope. The fundamental analysis is ultimately decisive. But anything is likely to happen prior to this eventuality”. Another, yet no less renowned trader and analyst, Bill Williams underlines the same mental regularity of an experienced professional trader (level 3 of his trader’s skill rating as per “Trading Chaos 2”): “On attaining level 3 you emerge as a self-provided pro trader. You are always familiar with the market’s basic, usually invisible structure. You no longer need to refer to others’ opinions. You needn’t read “Wall Street Journal”, watch market-oriented TV programs, and subscribe to information bulletins, waste money on information channels”.

Comment: Logically, there is a counter-implication, that if You are eager to become a successful trader, You are to restrict the influence of various surveys and recommendations on yourself even in case they originate from the world famous “Wall Street Journal”, to say nothing of crude gurus in analyst skins who use to know ahead of time where currencies will go.

Forex news is a scheduled issue of fundamental data, which as a rule impairs FOREX rates a sharp pulse of motion. But then, why the currency rates movement vector is only 50% coincident with the ABC truism logics as to where the rate should rush in case of actual news being much better or worse than the estimate. And, please, make an attempt to answer the following question, stirring for every trader: why with the new being worse than expected (say, on US economy), the USD currency would initially fall by 40 pips (news work-off) but in 5 to 10 minutes it would swivel back and would display a 200-point rally, with no account to either the issued news or to common sense.

Below are some examples:

Fig. 1. GBPUSD chart as of April 1, 2005 after the news, positive for the GBP and negative for the US economy.

See Note below

In March the CIPS manufacturing index amounted to 52.0 (with the previous data revised from 51.8 to 51.6). Oil price in NYC has grown by USD 2.40 up to USD57.70 per bbl (new record of the latest 21 years). Non-farm payrolls in the USA was minimum since last July (previous data revised towards lower values). There has been a decline in the Michigan sentiment index to 92.6 (median estimate was 92.9, with 92.9 previously).

All the US indices faced a fall down. DJI at NYSE has fallen by 99.46 pips (-0.95%) towards closing at 10404.30. NASDAQ declined by 14.42 pips (-0.72%) to 1984.81. S&P500 slipped by 7.67 pips (-0.65%) to 1172.92. 30-yr US Bonds yielded 4.729 (0.037 lower as compared to the previous close). By contrary, FTSE100 has grown by 19.60 pips (+0.40%) to 4914.00.

Now, the question is to certified economists: what will happen to the GBPUSD within one day or even several hours upon publication of these data? You are right, USD should not simply fall down, it should collapse. Powerfully, swiftly. Well, well…

And this time, the same question to experienced traders. By FOREX news headlines You might have guessed that the events are taking place at the Friday American session. Correct. Initially, anyway, the GBPUSD chart will go up by 100 pips (news wok-off), followed by a pullback. Then Forex chart starts a new rally.

It is now to be tracked whether the GBP will breach the latest rally high or not. If affirmative, it will rush up by approximately 160 pips (Elliott wave 1 was 100 pips, while EW 3 is 60% longer). But if the high is not breached? The GBP currency quote will in no way come to a standstill, moreover on Friday afternoon. Hence, – down, to the starting point! And, if breached, similar situation takes shape but the counting is performed in a “down” direction (EW1, being the same 100 pips plus 187 pips from 1.8826 to 1.8759 being EW 3).

The FOREX day trading tactics will be given scrutiny in a separate chapter. A still separate chapter will be dedicated to Friday trade at American session due to its inherent specifics and to strong seemingly inappropriate movement. The movement is, of course, appropriate. To say nothing of Friday. But it will be touched upon later.

Now, getting back to the currency chart. As apparent, the GBPUSD pair movement on Friday, April, 01, 2005 is in no way in conjunction with the US economy fundamental data. Each forex trader can provide from tens to hundreds of similar instances, where the news are of a certain vector, whereas, after a fraudulent rush along the news vector, a currency applies reverse thrust.

Thereafter, the next day, in daily currency surveys, certified economists are sure to explain all to us by way of inventing another undisguised nonsense, like: “in spite of certain data, traders decided that the currency has already worked-off this side”. But! How could this occur on Apr, 01, 2005, provided that the currency has been staying flat in a narrow range in the course of the whole of the European session?

Otherwise, another explanation may emerge, that forex traders were expecting still more inferior news on the US economy… But! By how much more inferior, if according to DJ, the US non-farm payrolls MA was equivalent to 180K, with actual being +110K, estimate being +225K and prior being +243K? And in what manner do these economists count up world traders: by capita, by countries or by the funds, lost by those, who continued staying long in a holy belief in renowned academic scholars postulate of FOREX rates being tied up to countries’ economy statistics.

I wonder if I’ll ever chance to witness legal procedures to be instituted against any of those famous scholars, so that no one would dare claim that fundamental data trigger rate spikes.

The same pertains to economists, writing about the way, hundreds of thousands traders throughout the globe have conspired to conclude that it is time to reverse the trends with absolutely no grounds. Is it really feasible?

Such reading-matter is, but hammering a single question into one’s head: is it lie or is it stupidity of those cooking daily reports for taking traders for a ride, fooling them up and keeping them from the truth, which might be of great avail to them in daily trading. Traders are not a decisive factor, thus rates movement is in no way dependent on their will. Practically in no way.

Wanna check? Negotiate with tens of traders of the trading floor and arrange for a simultaneous entry long on some exotic FOREX pair. In so doing, try to push up either the NZDHKD, or the NZDCAD, or the HKDCAD. No need? I think so. You’ll certainly suffer failure with the above, to say nothing of the EUR, GBP, CHF.

Another example:

Fig.2. GBPUSD movement as of May 13, 2005.

See Note below

This is an M15 chart of the American session, where the USD pair has grown by over 100 pips from 1.8583 to 1.8481 against the news, negative for the US economy:

Most indices have dropped down: DJI at NYSE – by 49.36 pips (-0.48%) to close at 10140.12; S&P500 – by 5.31 pips (-0.46%) to 1154.05. NASDAQ has grown by 12.92 pips (+0.66%) to1976.80. 30yr US Bonds yielded 4.484 (0.047 drop from previous close)

There is a fall in Michigan sentiment index. In May UMich was 85.3 with med est 90.0 and prior 87.7. So it was worse than the estimate, reaching the low since March, 2003. The index decline was being observed for the fifth month.

The April US export price index was +0.6% with prior of +0.7%.

Below are other similar examples of that same day.

Fig. 3. EURUSD chart as of May 13, 2005.

See Note below

Hundreds of examples may be offered, where the Forex news vector is opposite to that of the currency movement. Practically, actual news may happen to be superior or inferior to the estimate. FOREX quotes up/down movement is also of 50/50 probability irrespective of the above.

Why does it happen and what is the way for a trader to pinpoint entries and exits? This is going to be discussed in ensuing chapters of this book.


Full text of this article and pictures of examples

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How to Start Trading on a Mini Forex Account


Mini forex accounts or forex minis are typical accounts which are used by day traders who do not want to trade high volume of capital using contract sizes of 100,000 or more. A forex mini account typically offers contract sizes of 10,000 instead of 100,000 and margin requirements per contract of usually $ 50 or more instead of the $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per contract required in a regular account.

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Mini forex accounts are designed for new investors. The smaller trade size gives the traders the opportunity to trade live but with less risk or exposure to the market. If you are planning to open an automated or managed forex account with some brokerage firm it is advisable to open a mini account instead of a regular one as you can check the quality, reliability and functioning of the trading platform without incurring losses.

As the pip value on the mini forex account is just $ 1 per pip, you can focus on developing a disciplined trading strategy. For example, in a mini forex account a 50 pip floating loss is approximately $ 50 instead of $ 500 for a standard forex account. So the mini forex account makes it easier to develop a disciplined trading strategy.

In most of the mini forex trading accounts there is no limit in maximum trade volume and standard default trade size can be of 100,000 units that is equivalent to one standard lot.

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The mini forex account offers all the benefits of a full-size forex account. You will receive the same real-time, streaming quotes as the regular accounts with same order execution and fill reports facilities. The account information will always be real-time and in most of the cases without any commission charged by the broker.

Since the pip values ​​vary between the different currency pairs, a $ 10K account with a 25 pip profit on a mini forex account, the Euro trade is $ 25. A mini forex account, therefore, allows you to focus on technical analysis instead of the profit and exit at the right point.

It is ideal for new traders or investors with an account balances less than $ 10,000 to trade with a mini forex account. It provides more staying power in the market without over-leveraging your account.

For an initial deposit of $ 250, you can open and fund a live forex mini account with the facilities of bank wire transfer or fund transfer by credit card. Mini forex accounts are a great way to experience the excitation of currency trading while minimizing your risk.


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Trading Forex – Why Trade Currencies? (Part 1 Of 2)


When a person wants to enter trading arena, one of the most important questions is "What should I trade?". There is an overwhelming choice of financial instruments available for trading; stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, options, mutual funds, ETF's, all kinds of derivatives like swaps and forwards and, of course, contracts or spot Forex.

Perhaps it's not a surprise, that majority of people start their trading adventure in stocks. These financial vehicles are relatively familiar to most individuals. They are mentioned in the media every day, newspapers always provide price quotes for them. Most of us own or know somebody who owns stocks. That may be direct holding in brokerage account, or an indirect one, through mutual fund or retirement plan.

Taking that under consideration, why should a trader branch out into the Forex markets? Entire books could be (and have been) written on the subject. Reasons can be very diverse and compelling, but also fairly technical and complex. We are going to focus on a few, most obvious, factors, mentioned here in no particular order.

Liquidity- Forex is the most liquid financial market in the world. Period. Published figures vary from source to source, but they all agree that total daily volume is in the vicinity of 2 TRILION a day. It's really hard to comprehend, but it's more than all other financial markets in the world combined. To give it practical meaning- there is no problem to get in or out of the market no matter what size. There is always somebody on the other side, counter party to your trade, which may not be a case in a lot of other markets.

Long term trends- strength or weakness in a given currency is usually a reflection of a given country's economic health, national policy and fiscal state. These factors do not change overnight. They are in place for a long time, often years, producing extended trends in treaties, which may easier to follow than moves in other markets. When you add some knowledge of technical analysis, these long term trend can produce number of potentially profitable trading opportunities.

Abundance of information- there is a constant flow of government's economic reports, political developments, trade issues and a plethora of other fundamental data that media is quick to pick up and make available for immediate use. At times it might seem there is too much data, but if fundamental analysis is your thing, there is certainly enough to consider.

Around the clock trading- unlike stocks, Forex trading is not limited to set hours of local time where the exchanges are located. It moves around the globe as business day goes from Australia and New Zealand, to Tokyo and rest of Asia, followed by Europe and North America. Just as soon as businesses shut down in USA, they are opening again in the far east. Truly global market place.

Diversification- courses are treated as a separate asset class. While any single cross can be, and sometimes is, correlated to some other instruments, a basket of currency pairs will have a life of it's own, not moving closely in step with other assets. Great way to spread risks or simply diversify ones holding, potentially making some profits while remaining parts of portfolio are non productive.

These are but a few and very general reasons why Forex is worth at least taking a look at. In the second part of this article we will focus on some additional and quite specific aspects of trading in spot currency markets.


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Forex Scalping: A Strategy That Minimizes Losses


If you are involved in business and trade, you must have heard the term "Forex scalping". It is a popular way of trading that ensures that the risks of facing huge losses in business are minimized as much as possible. In this method of trading, the relevant traders open their trading positions for a short duration of time. This is generally considered to be for three to five minutes. However, the people who are known to successfully practice Forex scalping do so for less than a single minute at a time.

This strategy of trading is popular as it is considered to be a safe trading style and as the trading position is open for a brief period, the risk of sustaining large losses is reduced considering. The traders who utilize Forex scalping are not concerned with market trends and only care about bid-ask spread.

Although, the followers of Forex scalping are found to be promoting the many benefits of this strategy; it is not suitable for every one. In this method, small profits are earned which are frequent but opportunities involving large profits are ignored in order to avoid the greater risk associated with them. Forex scalpers are patient and diligent traders that wait for the frequent profits to become great with the passage of time instead of aiming to gain huge benefits in a short span of time. These traders are committed to long working hours and do not get frustrated with the demanding nature of their job. Consistency and alertness are the essential requirements of a Forex scalper. If a scalper is not diligent enough and does not pre plan the duration of Forex scalping, it might end up with a cleared up Forex account. The opening time for a Forex scalper must be clearly defined based on strategy that is so designed as to provide the maximum benefit to the trader. Forex scalping needs experience and commitment. Traders with the passage of time get an idea about how to proceed with their Forex scalping strategies. To assist those who are not so talented with such techniques or lack the time required for them, automated Forex scalping systems have been introduced. These are proving to be highly profitable and time saving for the Forex traders who want to benefit from scalping strategies.

Forex trading, although a recent trend has proven to be a risk free strategy which is beneficial for a great many traders and has offered promising results in future as well.


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Forex Exchange Rate


Forex exchange rate is very important in dealing with foreign exchange business. Why? Because in the exchange rate, a trader will know if it is the right time to sell or buy a stock to gain the most. But before the exchange rate should come out, a good trader must know in advance how it will end or close so the sell or buy decision can be done right before the rate goes up or down. This skill is prevalent on forex senior advisers and / or specialists. But that does not mean that only the best traders will earn, whatever the skill level a trader has, forex can enhance it to become one of the best emerging traders in the business.

A trader will be equipped with all the important knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to make it big in the business. At forex, an important analysis tool is a platform. These are tabulations of accounts that are typically based on windows, java, web, or wireless. Depending on the choice or the tool a trader has, he will be able to acquire enough knowledge about his own stock. These tools are also jived with the rest of other tools like market researches, charts, and many others relating to forex exchange rate.

Being fully equipped by going through the online education provided for every trader is the best tool a trader can have though. It is there recommended that one must go through it and in less the time, a trader can fully predict the opening and closing rates that will also establish the tempo in buying or selling decisions.


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The most obvious way to make money with domain names is to buy low and sell high. This is one of the most common methods used on the stock market and can be very profitable in many domain situations as well. All domain names start out at the registration fee, which can be as low as six or seven dollars per year for .com, .net, and .org domains. If you happen to register a domain that others perceive has value, the difference in the registration fee and this perceivable (and / or actual) value can be a nice profit for the domain owner. Domainers who make money using this method often follow trends in the domain marketplace, registering keywords of new Top Level Domains (TLDs), registering and reselling desirable domain patterns (three letter domains, three character domains, etc), or just following what's hot or picking up established domains as they expire (which is a method in and of itself). The general idea here remains to buy a domain at a bargain and find a buyer who also sees value in the domain and is willing to pay a premium for it.

The upside to reselling domain names is that you can generate a decent amount of profits in a relatively short amount of time. The downside is that it may not always go as planned, and you will not always find a buyer for your domains right away. It can be tough to find buyers for specific names and if domains are not reasonable priced, a buyer may never appear. Another downside is that you only make money off your own physical effort. You have to take the time to find domains to purchase, follow through with the purchase, and then find a buyer and complete the sale. This process can take quite a bit of time and involves a degree of risk. You may also find yourself holding onto domain names a lot longer than initially thought and end up playing the waiting game. With most domains, there are many better ways to produce profits, but do not discount this method for its potential ability to generate income in a short amount of time with the right domains.

Paid parking is another method for making a profit on domain names. This works for some names, mostly generic domains, typos, or names that receive steady traffic. There are many different parking programs available, but the basic idea is to sign up with a paid parking service and then send your domain traffic to their servers. Their servers will then display ads and search boxes on template generated websites, and you earn a portion of the revenue if anyone clicks on a link or purchases an advertiser's product. This system works when the domain earns more revenue per year than the cost of the yearly renewal fees. For instance, if you pay $ 12 per year for registration fees, the domain would need to earn soon more than $ 1 per month to be a worthy option. Any less and it costs more to maintain the domain than the amount of money the domain produces. The plus side to this method is that once the domain parking is setup, you do not have to do anything to earn income as long as your domain receives traffic.

Many domainers will park new domains that purchase in order to gauge traffic and see if the domains will be profitable on a paid parking service. If a domain shows the potential to make revenue, they will most likely keep it for the passive income. Otherwise, they will look at other options for making a profit on the domain.

You may also consider developing a website around a domain name. The site could sell products, subscriptions, offer content and display advertisements, or offer varying combinations of techniques to generate revenue. The idea is to build up a profitable website and in essence, create a resellable asset that generates income. Having an established website (profitable or not) can greatly increase the value of a domain as well as make it appealing to more buyers. With this method, you can build up websites specifically to resell, or hold onto them for a continuous income stream.

As competition in the domain marketplace becomes increasingly fierce, more domainers are becoming webmasters in an effort to maximize their profits and revenue while dramatically increasing the value of their portfolios.

Hopefully by now you have an idea of ​​some of the main methods used to make money with domains. There are countless other methods for turning a profit, and numerous variations of the methods described in this article, but having a base of knowledge provides an excellent starting point. The key is to know what you want beforehand, learn as much as you can about specific methods that will help get you where you want to go, and then keep at it until you succeed. Many people fail because they give up, or do not do the research beforehand and end up losing money in bad deals. Making money with domain names is not a get rich quick scheme, but with enough effort, motivation, and patience, anyone can succeed.


Source by Frank Lira

Forex Made Easy – How to Achieve Forex Trading Success


The facts show that 95% of traders lose money at Forex trading so is Forex Made easy possible? Yes it is because it's a fact that anyone can learn to trade Forex and that means working smart not hard and getting the right Forex education. Let's look at Forex made easy, by learning Forex trading the right way …

The best traders in Forex, do not all have college degrees and their not all mathematicians, many are high school drop outs and one of the most profitable groups are ex poker or blackjack players!

Being clever or using complicated trading systems in Forex trading does not help you win – Why?

Because Forex markets are an odds based market. In an odds based market, simple systems work best and always will. If you make your trading system to complicated, it will simply have too many elements to break.

You do not need to work hard either, as you only get rewarded for being right, not the effort you make.

If you want to understand the concept of Forex made easy understand this:

Learning a profitable trading method is easy and anyone can do it; it's a specifically learned skill. The hard part for most traders is getting the right mindset. This is not hard either – but means you have to accept certain facts about trading.

– You must be prepared to take a losing period of weeks and keep losses small

– You must accept losing as part of winning

– You must accept perfection is not possible but that does not mean you can not make profits

– You must accept that you must trade with discipline at all times because if you can not execute your trading system with discipline you do not have one!

Forex trading is a combination of a sound, simple method, combined with the ability to execute it with discipline, by adopting the correct mindset.

Anyone can learn to trade Forex but most traders either get the wrong Forex education and even more, never get the right mindset.

If you understand this article, you will see Forex made easy and the route to currency trading success. In Forex trading the market does not beat the trader, the trader beats himself – but you do not have to let that happen to you.


Source by Samuel Leslie Berkovits

Forex Trading Times – When Can You Make Profit?


A question many new Forex traders often ask about Forex trading times: When Is The Best Time To Trade Forex? Unlike the other financial markets, the Forex market closes only on weekends. The Forex market opens for trading Sunday night (5 PM EST) and closes for business again on Friday afternoon (4 PM EST). When the Asian market is closing, the European market opens, then the US market until the Asian market opens again.

So this means to you that you as a trader has total freedom on when to trade.

But not all trading times are equally profitable for Forex trading.

The question is ‘When To Trade?’. We are going to try to answer that question.

Asian Session (Tokyo) (7PM : 4AM EST):

The Asian Forex trading session begins at 7 PM EST (12 AM GMT) and closes at 4 AM EST (9 PM GMT). During this session the most often traded Forex are GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF and USD/JPY. These currency crosses can fluctuate 110 pips.

U.S. Session (New York) (8 AM : 5 PM EST):

The US session kicks of at 8 AM EST and closes at 5PM EST. The US sesssion is quite volatile because of the other markets, stocks and bonds, are higly linked to the USD.The commonly traded traded currency pairs during these Forex trading times are this session: GBP/USD, GBP/JPY and USD/JPY which fluctuate around 95 pips. There is also trading in USD/EUR and USD/CAD.

European Session (London) (2 AM : 12 PM EST)

London is the the most important and influential trading center at a market share higher than 30%. The bulk of all Forex trades in the market are executed out during these Forex trading times because of the liquidity and quick efficiency of the market.

All major currency pairs are traded during this session. For risk loving traders the GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF have very high fluctuations of up to and even surpassing 140 pips.


Source by Huey Davis