Make Money Online For Free: Auctions


Auctions are a great way to help you make money online for your business. The reason is that it's a way to market your business to those who want to buy what you have to sell. You may also use it to build leads to your business. Regardless of whether you choose to use this technique to build your list or sell your products, you will be able to build the most valuable list of all: a customer list.

The first step that you will need to take is to create an offer. There are two types of offers you want to consider making as both of these will help you build a customer list.

The first offer is a list building offer. This is where you offer something to your potential customer at a low price, usually something that cost 99 cents to a few dollars. This is an offer to get you a paid lead. It is not an offer to help you make money. You will make your money on the backend.

This offer may also be digital or physical, but if you decide to sell specifically on eBay, you'll need to send your buyer a physical product. You can do this by creating a low cost disk or some other offer. Since this is a low cost offer, you'll want to keep your costs low. Charge just enough to cover your costs. Remember, you're building a list. This offer is not to make money; it's to build a list.

Should you plan to sell your products instead of just building a list, then you'll also need to create an offer, but your offer will be slightly different. If you normally sell digital products, then the way to do this is to create a CD. Sites like Kunaki will allow you to create these CDs on demand and then sell them on auction sites. (There are scripts available that will allow you to automate the process of processing your orders. These scripts will send your orders directly to sites Kunaki where your disks will be created and then sent directly to the customer.)

By automating as much of the sales process as possible, you'll be able to spend your time creating more offers. Although you may be marketing the same offer in each of your listings, you still want to create multiple offers. This will allow you to test and track your offers to see which ones work best.


Source by Jinger Jarrett

Make Money From Home Online Using the Internet


There are thousands of people who are searching the internet in search for ways to make money online. Many people will turn to Google AdSense in hopes of profiting from placing ads on their website. This is really an excellent way of making a profit using the internet. Of course, in order for this to be successfully used to make money you will need to know a thing or two about search engine optimization. You’ll also need to put money forward in order to pay for your website and web hosting needs. If you don’t know anything about search engine optimization then you’ll also need to pay money to have someone search engine optimize your website for you as this is one of the few ways to ensure that visitors will be able to locate your website and you’ll be able to generate money. There are many people out there that don’t want to have to pay money in order to make money online. Thankfully, there are a number of alternatives for these individuals.

There are several other ways to make money from home using the internet. One method that is becoming very popular is the process of taking and completing surveys. There are plenty of websites out there that offer you the chance to fill out surveys and make cash for doing so. This is a quick and easy way to make a few dollars here and there. The only problem with this is that many times you will complete a survey and never get credit for it. This has happened to me on several occasions. When it comes down to it, I’ve only received credit for approximately 1/3 of the surveys that I have filled out. Still, considering how easy it is to fill out these surveys many people will not find these a problem. Someone who spends a lot of time filling out surveys should be able to make a decent amount of cash each week. Sure, you won’t make a living doing this but you can do it in your spare time to make some quick cash.

Many people are turning to article writing as a way to make money from home. This is a good idea considering the number of people on the internet that are purchasing articles. Many of these people purchase articles and use them for search engine optimization purposes. While many people believe that you need proper training and experience in order to write articles and make money, this really isn’t the case at all. As long as you can write pretty decent and follow instructions you can make money writing articles. There are several things that you will need to keep in mind when writing articles for money such as specific keywords to be used within the article. Make sure you use these keywords the specified number of times. You’ll also need to ensure that your articles are original. You can do this by running them through some kind of online duplication software. To prevent duplication do not copy text from articles found online.

It is possible to write articles and make money without paying anything at all. You will usually be paid per article. This allows you to make as much money as you wish as long as you are willing to put forth the effort. As long as you follow the instructions and put forth the effort you can write articles and make money.


Source by Bryan Wayne Cole

Money – Make Money, Make Wealth


The creation of wealth at the heart of God was made manifest in the beauty of the Garden of Eden. God created every other creature of His creation, and did not at any time give them the charge as He did unto Adam. This was the dealing of appointing overseer, whereby you and I are absorbed into the very bosom of authority to creating wealth. Creating money.

The authority was a generous wealth creation and preservation. Adam was of the instruction to keeping the Garden, which is equal to tendering the wealth, harvesting money. Let us at this point in time consider what is wealth. Wealth is more than money; your total well being is the emphasis on this discovery, than just money. Your health, or security which shelter, food and every other things that life could be buttered with, are enclosed.

The modern society had shifted the measure of wealth unto the range of money. That is the truth that having money enough to spend and to spare is wealth in power. Let us not deviate in our minds at all, as we have to face the whole truth in totality. Making or creating money is the imagery of this discovery. HOW TO CREATE MONEY.

It is more than the saying, where your power to create money lies. Your mind is in the wandering on where and what to hook on, in order to proving your ability to exist in term of wealth, let it settle at a point that, it is not a wandering matter, than a crucial formula of self actualization by your mind.You do not have to look unto anybody else to make wealth, than into your very being, your mind.

God had accomplished the ideal of creation, and the whole providence was settled at the point of His command unto taking dominion. Adam was then made a farmer of Eden’s rich (wealthy) Garden. We are made the farmers of the earth garden, and we should be up and doing in this garden of wealth.

The whole earth is full of money. Though there is no particular place that money is displayed or declared for claimants yet; God has made it possible for you and I to dream. What is your dream about this wealth of God?

It grieves the heart of God where we are left in the dust of poverty. There is nowhere that gold dust is found, than your very soul, your mind. You cannot get anything possibly than dreaming about it fervently. It is not only at night that dream is made possible. Our vision is the dream that we are pursuing after. And what is your dream?

Praying to the least atom of our energy can only open the eye of our mind unto the dream of wealth making, the area that money could be found in the sense of our vocations. It is not everybody’s right to making wealth from the civil service. You have many other avenues, or your create one. Running from goal to post, wandering from trade to trade is an unstable attitude. So many had wandered this way out of wealth even.

Wealth is created in the heart (mind), just like every other thing of creation. God did not see the heavens, nor did the firmament hang somewhere, veiled from the eye of God, than did He see it with His mind eye. It is this same God that had given us the key unto making everything, and anything possible.

Making wealth possible in the creation terms depicts the fact of deploying the mind. Setting up spiritual placards, and demonstrating the reality with it is the most powerful way unto answering the prayer of wealth making. It is true that God answers our prayers yet; we need to bring them to manifestation, by believing that the prayers are answer.

Faith should be seen as a hand that brings into reality or visibility, what was created in the spiritual. Creation is done in the closet, which is your heart. You don’t have to seek a priest in this respect else, a lot of them would have been excessively rich, had they realized this well of wealth.

The whole truth lies on the fact that, we must, repeat must first create what we are looking for, and be specific in our creation. God did not create man with the other view of creating cow. He created man and was specific in creating him, and in an image. Wealth should be also created into an image, what specifically, we are creating.

It becomes so unfortunate that someone was praying for a car, but did not specify the type he was actually looking for. God regards our heart desires most, while creating anything we want in our prayer. Permissive will comes in, and one is given a thing that looks like what he was creating in his prayer.

Specification in creation is perfection therein.

God’s creation of man did not end with the molding of the earth to form the man, than the breathing of life into man’s nostrils. That was the point of power, as the transferring of virtue was effected by the exchange of life. God did not take anything from the created man, than poured Himself over him.

This level of creation envisaged the level of love that should be while creating. You must express love to whatsoever you are creating else, they can never come alive. Money on creation by your very heart (mind) is or should be a dear to your heart else, it is not forth coming. You also need to follow up what you have created, by finding an avenue of fulfillment.

There is no magical creation in this ramification, nor do I suggest your trying to invoke spirits to serve (deliver) your providence. No, a thousand time no. It is simply the communion that should exist between you and your need, with hope of fulfillment (providence) from God. God needs inspect your creation, and that is where prayer comes to proof.

It is God that gives the mind we are working with. What are the pictures of the vision of your mind? What and what do you want to put in place or replace. This is the rightful way of praying, than to pray the old time prayer of anticipating the angelic deliverance of what you are praying for. We are talking about focus.

Vision is the focus of the mind on a thing needed to come alive in our lives, or another person’s life. We don’t need to go this way alone, than considering the word of providence, the word of God. There are numerous answers to our prayers in the word of God, and we need to bring these words (keys) to action, for it is the word of God that can act a magnetic force unto pulling (manifesting) the focused image/s unto the visible.

There is no fact that God shall descend His angels unto bringing the word that was not stored in our mind to the creation balance. We need to seek the right word that rightly fit with the provision of our demands. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). What is that you are sowing and shall not reap? Sow wealth, sow money by seeing it with your mind, then going out for it by doing the right thing to go get it.


Source by Andrew Essiet

Pixel Animation Services


Of course, a variety of important pixel animation tools is of much help to an animation designer. However, the person himself should be creative and talented to create high-quality animations.

Some of the most popular features of pixel animation include: multiple frames for an animation, multiple layers with an alpha blending, real-time preview in editing, various painting, drawing, selecting, rotating, stretching and scrolling tools, also there is usually a possibility to adjust colors, grayscale, various effects. While using the pixel animation tools one can make gradations, remove unused colors, unite duplicate colors, uniform colors from multiple files. Batch conversion, GIF optimization, confirming a file size and an image quality of JPEG, outputting an animation as multiple files or a combined file, import of multiple files as one image, support of SusiePlugin, acquiring an image from a TWAIN, printing of multiple frames, browsing, customization of shortcut keys are all features, present in most modern pixel animation tools .

Naturally, each existing pixel animation tool is good for solving a particular problem and has its advantages and disadvantages. Certain experienced users prefer the Opencanvas pixel animation tool for the high resolution. The disadvantage of the tool is, however, that it is only in Japanese. Others prefer Adobe Photoshop because of the possibility to make tricks with multiple layers. A good combination of pixel animation tools is Adobe Photoshop and Animshop. Still others prefer Flash 8 Professional tool, which gives a possibility to export to frames and avi files.

Pixel animation is a fast growing area and a kind of a job, which can be outsourced. Lots of outsourcing companies offer their pixel animation services along with web development, copywriting and software development services. Offshore companies have all the necessary pixel annimation tools at their disposal – and mainly, talented and creative designers willing to assist you in your pixel animation matter.


Source by Olga Makhnach

What Is Design Thinking And Why Is It So Important?


You have been hearing the words design thinking everywhere of late. Design conventions, product workshops, design Meetups, in the boardroom, at the cafeteria – name any place of congregation of people, and it’s abuzz with the term. This must have prompted you to look up the term on the web, which then led you to this page.

First things first – is not a new entrant in the long list of buzzwords that is either being used loosely by newbies or discussed fervently amongst product managers these days. Nor it’s the property of designers. As a matter of fact, it has long been practiced by stalwarts of music, literature, science, engineering and business.

Then what’s made design thinking so buzzworthy today? Why have some of the most iconic tech brands of our times – Google, Apple, Samsung – adopted design thinking approach? Why are some of the most elite institutions/universities in the world teaching the subject? Why are branding agencies making it mandatory for its design teams to adopt design thinking process?

Definition: Is an iterative process in which problem solvers strive to cognize the needs of users, contest their own assumptions, and redefine the problem at hand for the purpose of identifying myriad strategies and solutions that might not be obvious with their preliminary level of understanding.

To create robust products for the always-on user, it is essential that we understand his requirements. Design thinking enables companies and their design teams to observe and cultivate empathy for users. Being iterative in nature, it has designers questioning the problem, assumptions and results over and over again until a human-centered design led solution is arrived at, which is then prototyped and tested. If needed, the entire process is repeated until every stakeholder is convinced of the product’s usability and marketability.

What are the steps involved in design thinking?

While every brand identity agency or web design agency has its own approach towards design thinking, the fact is that almost every approach is similar. In essence, there are 6 most pertinent steps of design thinking:

  • Researching and empathizing with users
  • Defining user needs, problems
  • Ideating for innovative solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Implementing

What are the benefits of design thinking?

  • It’s holistic: Design thinking involves number of people from several departments. More the number of inputs from people with varying levels of expertise, more perspectives for tackling the problem at hand.
  • It’s scientific: Requires analyzing how users engage with products and examining the conditions in which they will use the product. Design thinking also entails investigating ambiguous elements for unearthing innovative strategies.
  • It’s non-linear: The 5 steps enlisted above needn’t be sequential. The design team can use the results at each step to review and crystalise their suppositions, learnings, and results. This helps redefine the problem and open windows to new insights, which then can be used for arriving at alternatives.
  • It’s for everybody: UX/UI agency, creative employees, freelancers, leaders – just about anyone who wishes to solve a greater range of problems.
  • It encourages testing: Lots and lots and lots of it. No harm has ever come a user centered design agency’s way as a result of rethinking and testing over and over again.

Who is a design thinker?

Anyone who embodies the following characteristics can be a design thinker:

  • Concern for humans and the environment they operate in
  • Penchant for multi-functionality
  • Love for teamwork
  • Ability to visualize
  • Systemic vision
  • Prepared to use language as a tool

The take away

Design thinking is a problem solving, iterative process. It can not only be adopted by designers, but by anyone with a penchant for solving problems. It offers stakeholders the means for digging deeper for ways of enhancing user experience. At its heart is the intention to improve products by scrutinizing how users interact with them in different environments.


Source by Renuka Sharma

Forex Ondulatory Pattern & Elliot Waves


The Forex market has a characteristic that makes it kind of special. It oscillates constantly during the whole trading session (a session that is as long as practically an entire week); in other words it has waves. You can see this characteristic easily by looking at any of the forex charts that are easily available from the web. As the clock ticks, the prices of the different currency pairs oscillate in particular patterns that seem to have a special repetitive behavior imbedded, you feel you could almost guess the next oscillation, or at least that’s what you think from your first impression. You can’t help thinking there is a possible use hiding behind those oscillations that can make forex trading an easier task.

You should learn that you are not the only forex trader wishing for a way to use those Oscillations as a tool for a more profitable Forex trading. There have been many others before you, but there is one that really found that useful tool behind the waves others were only wishing or, his name was Ralph Nelson Elliot and he also observed that the market had strong trends that seemed to follow a repetitive pattern in all the different time frames. After analyzing a great number of charts he discovered in the late 1920’s that the markets move in a repetitive manner that is far away from being a totally chaotic behavior. In other words he found he could predict the next movement of the markets with great accuracy by using his recently created analysis.

What he found is what is known now as Elliot waves. These waves are based on his discovery that showed that the wave patterns on the markets had a fractal nature. This means that the patterns not only repeated with time but that in a given period of time the characteristic wave pattern would repeat at different scales (days, hours, minutes).


Source by Adrian Pablo

VipFXua – Forex Signals Provider


Nowadays there are a lot of different trading systems, providing Forex signals all over the world. But not many of them are really successful. One of really popular and precise systems is VipFXua. It’s used by many people almost everywhere. Let’s find out why and what are the secrets of its success and popularity.

VipFXua is a scalping and mid-risky trading system. Usually 1-5 orders are opened, depending on the price rages and targets for profit. The trading can be done during both trend moving and flat, in the channels and on breakouts.

The Forex signals are given throughout the trading day with the average frequency – 10 signals a day. Mostly the market orders are opened, but sometimes the Forex signals on pending orders happen as well. The news are taken into consideration only during the determination of important price levels. Positions can be kept open from 5 minutes to 2 days. The analysis is made on M5, M15 and H1 timeframes. At the same time the H4 and D1 timeframes are controlled as well.

The indicators used in the system show the best enter places in the market for giving better Forex signals. Those indicators were created by the Forex signals provider himself and the trading is done only according to them. The positions are closed near 162% according to Fibo levels or on breakout patterns. At the same time the levels of stop-losses and take-profits are determined according to the ZigZag indicator. Usually the risk per position is 300 pips.

One of the main points is not to step back from the rules of Forex trading strategy and not to change them. The Forex signals can be used by almost everybody, who has no time for developing his own trading system. Using the signals the trader should only count the risk level for his own account. The main advantage of the trading system is the fact, that it has been bringing profit for 4 years already. The minimum month profit counts 20%.


Source by Grigory Pobedonosec

10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder Review – Does it Work?


Dean Saunders, a 9 year Forex trading veteran, shares his secrets in the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder program. While he could have kept his trading secrets all to himself, he has decided to provide a limited number of copies of his program to serious individuals who are looking to make money on the Forex market. Dean began trading on the Forex market the first day that he was of legal age, and now uses the profits from his trading to live and travel around the globe. His system is easy to follow and simple to start…..meaning, that you could soon follow in Dean’s footsteps to live the life that everyone dreams about.

The 10 Minute Forex Wealth Building program helps you to take control of your Forex trading. You can generate thousands of dollars per week in less than 10 minutes per day. Imagine that; you could wake up in the morning, spend a few minutes while you are drinking your coffee to review your trading information, and could call it a day. Who would not want this lifestyle?

The program provides two revolutionary Forex trading methods and price driven technology. There are no lagging indicators, allowing you to trade as the professionals do in real time. The program will help you to avoid trading during poor market conditions, will help you to avoid over trading and will remove the stress from trading. Also, when you follow his program, you will be removing the emotion involved with money, a significant cause of failure among those who trade on the Forex market.

His program is easy to install and easy to learn how to use. And, his added CDs will provide you with the crucial information required if you are a beginning Forex trader. Don’t listen to people just trying to sell you information, when they have never experienced success personally. Rather, follow the advice of a Forex veteran.


Source by Jenney Pan

The Best Ways for College Students to Earn Money Online


Going through college can be stressful, especially if money is tight. Between classes, homework, and studying, commuting to a job just seems like a ridiculously impossible prospect. Millions of people are now making money online, and the internet offers plenty of ways for college students to earn money online as well. Blogging, affiliate marketing, and freelancing are some of the best ways to earn an online income, and the best thing about them is that they do not cost a dime to get started.

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest method for a college student, because it requires less face time at the computer than other methods, although blogging is closely intertwined with affiliate marketing promotion. With all the information available on the subject, you do not need to be an affiliate marketing expert to get started, although it may still take a little bit of time to earn a decent income from it.

To become an affiliate, you need to sign up on the website and then promote a product that they are selling. Usually this requires writing a blog post or an article for submission at an article directory that talks about the product and gets the interest of viewers piqued. You include a link back to the seller's website, and any purchases that originate from your links will result in you being paid. Affiliates can earn anywhere from 10% to 90% commission on sales generated through their affiliate links. There is some amount of work involved, because you must first research your product to be able to write a qualifying article or blog post about the subject.

Pre-selling is a very effective technique used in marketing and advertising. What you are doing is not selling a product. You are either getting people interested who have never heard of the product or stoking the flame in people who already have some level of interest. In a sense, you are simply educating the customer about the product. That's why it is important not to sound as if you are actually selling the product. Although your writing should be in favor of it, you should not be pushing it on your viewers.

Managing a blog is a simple way to get started in affiliate marketing because first of all it's the perfect outlet for your advertising advertising promotion, and also because if you set up a pay per click system like Google AdSense you will also draw relevant ads that people will want to click on. Every time an ad on your blog gets clicked, you get money. It's really as simple as that. Combining techniques is really the only sure way for anyone to make money online, and with a little trial and error you'll be able to get a good respect on what methods work and what methods are just hype.


Source by Eric Travis

Forex Trading Tips – How to Triple Your Forex Trading Profits


Do you have a good money management rule in your forex trading? Many traders think that money management in forex trading is just by putting a stop loss and a target profit, that’s all. This is far from true because that is only part of a forex trading system. Let’s look at some forex tips on how you can triple your forex trading profits.

1. Always prepare for the worst, think how to protect your trade first!

Almost all the traders will think how much money or profits they are going to make when they trade. This is a wrong mindset. If you are a beginner in forex trading, then you should assume the worst first and not thinking about profits in the first place. You should be very eager to protect your trade from losses by shifting it to break even after your trade has around more than 40 pips in profits. The trade is also considered won even it has broke even.

2. Don’t take high leverage for granted.

Many forex brokers offer a high leverage of 100:1 to 400:1. True it is very tempting, but you should not use very high leverage for a beginning and for a small forex account, it is not advisable to use more than 50:1 or 100:1, so as to prevent your account from going bust. Traders thought they can win big using high leverage, but what if they loose? Their trading capital goes into the drain too.

3. Not risking more than 1% to 5% of your trading account.

This is a very important money management rule. How much do you risk for every trade? Forex trading is all about high probability and calculated risk. If you think you can’t take risk at all, then you shouldn’t be learning to trade forex at all. For a small $1000 account, it may seems by risking 1%, the gains are very small too, but that’s the right way to build your capital. For me, I’m a conservative trader and I risk only 2% of my trading account per trade.


Source by Daniel S.