How to Maximize LinkedIn to Grow Your Network

When LinkedIn was still in its early days, everybody just saw it as a place where you can post your resume, connect with other professionals and occasionally find a job. Nobody knows that these three qualities are the main reasons why Linkedln is one of the fastest growing platforms on the Internet. Its growth has more than attracted the likes of Internet marketers looking for the next best platform to use.

Question is, can we really use Linkedln the way we use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? Will the same tactics work on it and should we expect the same results if ever?

Thing is, LinkedIn can give you the traffic and following but not through the same methods such as Facebook and Twitter. You have to realize that LinkedIn is a group of professionals who wants to connect to people who are basically like them.

So how can you boost your marketing strategy on LinkedIn if ever you decide to give it a shot? Here is a list of the best practices you can put to action should you go for it.

1: Frequently review and reboot your profile

Like all dating sites (I just had to say that), your profile is one of the best and most powerful tool that the platform provides for you. Make sure that all information on your profile are recent, relevant and interesting. You have to understand that people will read your profile should they decide to connect with you. You can do this every after a few months.

LinkedIn also gives you a choice whether you want to share your profile update to all your connections. Also, don’t forget to use your most recent picture as your profile picture. This is actually where the dating site comparison ends. Don’t use a picture from 10 years ago. That will never work the way you want it to.

2: Build a quality network

Unlike most┬ásocial media platforms, LinkedIn is not about quantity but about quality. LinkedIn actually enhances your visibility with every connection you make but only if it is a “good” connection. So how do you get a “good” connection? Well, it should at least be a complete profile and at least be an active account.

Aside from that, you can also make sure that there is a good reason why you two should connect. Are you from the same industry? Do you have similar interests? Do they read, comment or share your content? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before accepting an invite.

3 Be Active

As mentioned on , you should make sure that your connections are active so this means that you should also be active too. Join a group. Share your interests. Frequently post status updates. This will not only brand you as an active member but this is also a good way to establish your expertise in your field. Join in on different conversations and discussions on your group. Make sure you make your presence felt.

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