God Bless China – Why You Can Make More Money In China And Australia Than The USA


Back to the past

You may also recall reading a newsletter with information on who the world's largest oil companies were (refer to "Invest News" August 2005) and how they spend their money diversifying into other industries. The "common sense" belief that higher oil prices would make oil companies go broke, may be commonly held … this does not mean that it is true ….

Oil goes up, buy more oil …

Huh? Since the article was written, the price of oil (and petrol) has continued to rise at a massive rate. The profits of oil companies have increased dramatically, as has their share price. Did you buy into any oil companies? Prices on fuels and lubricants have risen by 21%, so did we all buy 20% less oil? Nope, we bought 18% MORE.

The oil companies do not just have us over a barrel; they have us over millions of barrels a day … Did you buy into oil companies yet?

See the Past, now look at the Now

OK, so you've got the message about the oil companies. Like the dinosaurs that they dig up, these huge juggernauts * will rule the world for a long time. Do not fight it, get used to it, and learn to profit from it. If you do not take my word for it, look at what the major investment managers are doing with their money.

Which fund managers are buying into oil companies, and how much are they buying? Are they hiring to make more money in the future than they did this year? The fund manager's job is to make money in the future, so what are they doing now?

Fund Manager —–

What is in their Top Ten? (as at June 30th 2005)

Credit Suisse —- Mortgages, phone companies and finance companies.

Barclays: —– Total Fina Elf is number two, Exxon Mobil at seven.

Merril Lynch —– Total Fina Elf is number two stock on their list also Platinum Royal Dutch Shell is number ten stock

UBS Global —- Total Fina Elf is number 3, BP at number 10

Westpac Intl —- Exxon Mobil number 1 stock held

BT USA —- Exxon Mobil number 2

BT Global —- Exxon Mobil number 1

BT European —- Royal Dutch Shell number 1, Total Fina Elf number 3

Oil = Money

If the oil companies are not going to make massive billions of dollars worth of profits in future years, then why are the largest and smart fund managers investing into the oil companies? Perhaps with all their money and all their research, the major oil companies know that major oil companies will continue to turn gargantuan profits. Perhaps with the largest fund managers' money and research, the fund managers have also come to the same conclusion: oil equals money.

Save the trees: shoot a beaver …

Sure, you can buck the trend against the juggernauts *. You can invest all of your money into stocks other than mining and oil. You can invest into "new" areas such internet stocks and bio-technology. You can invest into mortgages and finance companies like Credit Suisse. You can invest into eco-responsible, genetically unmodified, environmentally-sustainable alfalfa-eating, alpaca-friendly, tree-hugging hippy stocks **.

It may make you feel good. It may even make you a dollar or two. A good idea is to diversify your money: – have some smiley, care-bear investments ** and also have a little bit of investment into some of the "smash, pillage and wreck the environment" stocks.

Exxon / Mobil hurt some penguins with a leaking oil-tanker. Fine, sell their shares, punch the CEO, or volunteer at Greenpeace.

Union Carbide upset some people with dodgy battery acid. Throw out your torches, toys and computers or choose to make a positive difference.

When I discovered that a subsidiary of BHP was mining uranium, I felt so bad about it that I donated some of my BHP dividends to my favorite charity ***. Now, BHP were not making uranium nuclear weapons, it was for nuclear energy; and it was not BHP, just one of their connections.

I am not crazy enough to sell all of my BHP shares just because some of their friends are a little environmentally unfriendly: – that would be silly. Beside, I can do a lot more for the environment by gifting thousands of dollars to good causes, than I can by chaining myself to a bulldozer … Bulldozer. Hmm, that gives me another excuse to use the term "juggernaut" … ☺

Speaking of big powerful, heavy things without restraint or social conscience, let's have a look at the world's largest super power and large economy. Do you know who it is? Do you think that the answer may change in future?

Live in the Now, Look to the future

Hey, I do not wish to be an alarmist; you have the newspapers and horror movies to make you fried. I just wish to point out a few things and make you "alert but not alarmed".

Question 1 Who in the world uses the most oil?

Question 2 Where do the oil users get the oil from?

Question 3 What are they prepared to do to keep it this way?

If you answered, "USA", "The Middle East" and "start wars", you would be fairly close to the truth … or the truth, as it was, for most of the last century. In the last few decades we have seen the USA using most of the world's oil, and sourcing it from the Middle Eastern countries. We have seen the USA involved in conflicts in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq (part two).

In more recent years, the amount of oil being used by China is on the rise. Soon, your answers to the above three questions will be "China", "Africa", and "anything".

Be prepared for a world-wide shifting of the scales. Why does China source their oil from African countries and not Middle Eastern countries? Does the oil taste nicer? Does it last longer? Is it cheaper? Or does it simply not raise the ire of the US government, as Africa is not seen as de-facto US soil?

Anyone stomping around in the Kuwaiti oil-fields for long enough would unexpectedly upset the USA: look at what happened to poor old Saddam Hussein in 1991. Oops, it happened again in 2003. The USA sees the Middle East as their own little vegetable patch . They let the gardeners have a few carrots to keep them happy, but they do not like any rogue rabbits intruding, or any sign that someone else wants to dictate gardening terms or market conditions.

Prepare for War …. again …. ho-hum

Will there be more wars in the Gulf? Probably. Will things change? Not much. Sometimes the US sells arms to the left side ("allies") and sometimes the US sells arms to the right side ("axis of evil"). Sometimes they sell weapons to both sides ("Iran-contra") and blame it on Oliver North. So long as one side wins and agreements to sell oil to the USA at a fair price, they are happy.

In the style of true diversity, the US does not really care who wins: the winner will sell them oil, and the loser will come back and buy more weapons for next time. The USA is a business. They sell guns and buy oil in the same way that Australia sells steel and buys DVD players. War is a business activity for some countries. It is good for their economy. Realize this, and thank God if you are smart enough to stay out of the firing line and in front of the check-out queue.

So the wars in the Middle East will continue, much like the war between Coke and Pepsi, or McDonalds and Burger King. It's just business. It's just money. It's nothing personal. The "War on Terror" will be never-ending; it will just ebb and flow, like the tides. America makes weapons and needs to sell them. They use oil and need to buy it. What are you gonna do? They are the largest economy in the world and they need to protect their economy from anything that would threaten it. God bless America …

In all probability, the pugilistic Americans are a threat to world peace, inasmuch as they believe that it is their duty to police the world ("finish the wars that others start") and supply arms to the highest bidder. By the same token, we are probably lucky to have them. Without the massive power of the world's "school bully", there could be complete anarchy.

As much as the US Marshall Plan is objectionable, it (and its clones) can be seen to have helped the world at large. It is arguable that victory in World War One could have gone to Germans, or eluded the British a lot longer without the help of the USA. World War Two was also seriously decided by the entry of the good old USA. The US involvement in Korea, Vietnam and Kuwait were possibly self-serving, but did have some positive impact on the rest of the world.

Where does this leave us? And what about China? Hmm, glad you asked. China is not even going near the Middle East. No need to. Why fight over something that has been cooked over for centuries, against an enemy that has lots of money and plenty of guns? The Chinese are not into suicide, Hare Kari was a Japanese trait …

While Americans fight Arabs in the Middle East (and anyone else who enters), China is quietly and diligently drilling for oil in Africa … Shh!

Will China fight to survive, or will they buy friends? The Chinese are making friends in Africa, building infrastructure, creating jobs, buying oil. They are sourcing blood to infuse into their economy. Far from sucking Sudan and Zimbabwe dry of oil to feed the Chinese machine; it is more of a symbiotic relationship.

You are illegally to find Africans hating Chinese in the same way that the Arabs can hate the Americans. For every Chinese oil-well in Africa, there are thousands more schools and jobs. African people who used to till the soil are now drilling for oil, on larger wages. Their once uneducated children, who were destined to work farms, are now studying to become geologists and engineers for the oilfields.

The Chinese do not need to sell weapons to the Africans or the African's enemies; instead, the Chinese do a nice sideline in selling cheap DVD players, laptop computers, cameras, T-shirts and the like. Just as the Chinese bought plenty of Australian steel and coal, then wave Aussies cheap plasma screen televisions, they are now doing things with the African nations to get oil. Can we blame them? Of course not, it's a free world, is not it? Well, maybe it's not free; it's just not so tightly controlled as it once was …

Who's the Boss?

It is certainly interesting to live in a generation where we have seen the Japanese economy and the American fire-power dominate the world for almost 50 years. The Japanese economy has since stalled, the Indians and Chinese are spending more on their armies than the USA and with all this strutting and chest-paving, I am glad to live in Australia …

OK, so some researchologist is going to check my facts, do a Google search and claim that the Asians are NOT putting more money into military spending than the USA …

Think again. With the same $ 100 note, I can pay an American man for four hour's labor, or one Chinese man for more than a week … The wages in Asia are minuscule when compared to average wages in America. The American-made TV costs ten times as much as the Chinese one. Do you think that armaments, tanks, guns and bombs are any different? They are all just products. It is all just labor. When you read that China spent $ 15 Million on their army, the Americans would have to spend over $ 200 Million to have the same impact …

If all arms were mercenary, you could pay both sides to fight each other. A million dollar investment on each side could see 25 US Marines fighting against over 300 Chinese soldiers. Both sides will have the same training and equipment; it's just that one side paid a lot more for their boots than the ones that were "Made in China".

If 300 men bought 25 men, which side do you think would win?

There is no need to panic, just watch the economy .

Again, I will say it again. Be alert and not alarmed. We are NOT facing the "yellow peril" that grandma feared. Australia will not be invited by masses of hungry Asians who want to take your life. Just as the Japanese did not take your money at the point of a gun; you gave it to them! After Japan lost the war in 1945, the Japanese battled to get their country back onto its feet, and then made a success of their economy and their people.

Economically-empowered Japanese businessmen started buying up Australian soil on the Gold Coast, they were not stealing it. They could not have taken our homes and land if we did not first take their money. We gave up our territory willingly.

The Chinese will not invade your back yard, because that will result in a war. As we have seen previously, the only winners in a war are the Americans … and nobody wants that to happen … The Chinese will simply continue to make products to offer you, and you will continue to give them money. Occasionally, neauvo-riche Chinese businessmen will buy all of the Australian land from the Japanese and the Aussies.

The Chinese will become our new land-lords and we will all live in harmony without a shot being fired. Some of you may not believe my forecast of Australia becoming "little China". You are entitled to your opinion. No-one thought that that war-torn Japan would go from wasteland to dreamland within a few short decades. Quick tip: learn to nod and bow.

Thank God and watch the destination of your dollar .
There will be no use complaining once the Chinese own half of Australia: the time to protest was last week when you went shopping … People complained when the Japanese bought the Gold Coast, but these whingers were the same half a generation and half their wages on buying Japanese watches, Japanese TVs and Japanese portable stereos. Be thankful that the Japanese actually injected their money back into Australia. Without them, we may have been broke and stuck with owning the Gold Coast ourselves …

Hmmm, maybe we should send the Japanese a Thank You card … Or A Thank God card. Can you send God a Thank You card?

Thank God that the Chinese are buying Aussie steel and coal. If we sent all our money to China to buy appliances and T-shirts, and if the Chinese sent that money to Ecuador to buy raw materials, Ecuador would go broke!

The Chinese economy is booming, India is coming second, and Australia is coming along for a ride on the coat-tails of our Asian neighbors. We are making money, creating jobs and things are looking good. Our old buddies, the British and the Americans are on the roads and have been for some time. Their economies are sick and may not recover. The question is, will you offer to help our old imperial friends or will you switch camps and learn Mandarin?

Shé Shé is Chinese for Thankyou

Next time I go shopping, I may make a conscious effort to "Buy Australian" to keep jobs here and to support my immediate neighbors inside of my country. There is a very strong chance that I will "Buy Asian" if the price is fair and the quality is good. There is an extremely low chance that I will buy products from the UK or the USA. It's not just that I have zero respect for the leaders of both countries, their economic policy, war-mongering antics and education systems … the citizens also talk funny! ☺

Thank God I live in a country where I can openly criticize not only my own political leader, but the leaders in other countries as well. I can also criticize the popular media and choose to disbelieve most of what they say.

Thank God the economy of my country is more closely aligned with selling "good" things that people need, such as steel, coal, gas, wheat and wool; not selling things that people just want, like stereos (China), drugs (South America) and guns (USA).

She'll be right, mate

If a world-wide recession happens, people will still need to trade with Australia to get our wonderful and essential raw materials and agricultural items. There will be less demand for baseball caps and more demand for minerals and food. We will be OK.

Australia is an English-speaking nation in the middle of Asia, giving us license to trade with other English speakers on the other side of the world, or trade with our closest neighbors in our region. We can make our own terms of trade and create our own destiny. We do not have arranged marriages and starving citizens like those in India, nor do we experience government control and internet censorship like the Chinese. There is no over-crowding in our country and you can have as many children as you can afford to feed. Our children can have religious education at school and do not get frisked for weapons on the way into class. We truly are the lucky country.

If you are Australian, take a deep breath and allow your chest to swell with pride. Chances are, this is the lucky country because your fore-fathers (and fore-mothers) were communicating who dug with the Imperial British task-masters and built infrastructure for the new colony. Their offspring (and your ancestors) were probably free settlers who fought against invasion by foreign powers in several wars. You do not have to fight for your country now, just invest into it.

Think Global, Act Local

Buy Australian when you can and when you want to.
Buy Asian sometimes without feeling guilty. After all, they are our neighbors and they buy our stuff too! It is possible that your job absolutely depends on a product, service or raw material being sold in Asia.

Do some research on the internet or at the library. Read about US economic policy, read about the Marshall Plan, watch "Bowling for Columbine" or "Fahrenheit 911" on DVD. Realize that sometimes politicians lie, and the bigger the economy, the bigger the lie has to be in order to protect it.

Know that the media is used by governments and corporations to sell you things that you did not know that you needed; not all the time, but often. Realize why Derryn Hinch spent a lot of time in jail, and why John Laws lied about the banks paying him. Look for the story behind the story. Be alert and not alarmed. Know the "destination of your dollar" and find out "who's taking your money". Look long-term. Then hold your breath and invest.


* A juggernaut is an "irresistible force that destroys everything in its path" (named from the Indian "Jagganauth", a Hindu deity who is engaged on a large float during religious festivals. ☺

** You can find eco-friendly, tree-hugging, smiley care-bear investments with many fund managers these days. Yes, I do tease them, but with a big wink. Many "sustainable resource managed funds" out-performed benchmarks, with some returning over 20% in 2004-2005. Ask your financial planner for more details.

*** To discover my favorite charities, you will have to read Invest News September 2005 "Keep me for Free" or donate money to INVEST to see the hidden webpage. Thanks to the person who donated $ 15 anonymously last month. This helps to keep the website going and enables us to offer you free education, free mp3's and free books.

This article, e-mail and its attachments are not intended to sentence any form of financial advice or recommendation of, or an offer to buy or offer to sell, any security or other financial product. This advice is general in nature and does not take into account any of your unique circumstances. We recommend that you seek your own independent legal or financial advice before proceeding with any investment decision. Remember to send this to your friends if you learned something. If you can read this then you probably do not need glasses, contact lenses or shares in OPSM.


Source by Jeremy Britton

How to Make Money Online: A Beginners Guide to Earn From Home


How To Make Money Online

Making money online is NOT EASY at all. But it’s NOT THAT DIFFICULT too, if you are following a proper path. Without these following three things making money online will always remain a dream for you:-

  • Hard work
  • Perseverance
  • Patience

If you think you have got the above mentioned three things, then let’s jump right into the topic.

Below are some of the most authentic and legit ways to make money online


What is Freelancing?

If you are into making money online, you must have heard the term Freelancing. But what does it really mean? Freelancing means working on a contract basis rather than on a regular basis for a company or organization and getting paid for hour of work, days of work or per project.


Now a day You-tube is booming like anything. More and more people are coming to YouTube to find a solution to their problem, to learn something new and to entertain themselves. With this increasing popularity YouTube is also becoming a money making machine for content creators. Yes! In case you don’t know you can earn a decent amount of money by creating YouTube videos. Although YouTube videos don’t pay by themselves, you can make money by placing Google AdSense ads on your videos (of course there are other ways to make money on YouTube but for now we will stick to Google AdSense). The more views and clicks your ads get the more money you will make.


Blogging basically means writing posts on any niches on the internet, which are updated frequently. You can write on different niches which include but not limited to personal journals, News, Technology, Health and Fitness, Gaming, Parenting or any other topic you are interested in.

Affiliate Marketing

These days almost every product is available online, whether it is as small as a needle or as big as a car, everything is available online. And people are inclining more and more towards buying products from online stores may be because of the easy accessibility of products and convenient home delivery system.

These online stores need to advertise their products in some way and affiliate marketing is one of the many ways they promote their products. So affiliate marketing is a form of advertisement in which the affiliate (in this case you) promotes the products from different online store in his/her blog or website through a unique link (generally referred as affiliate link). The affiliate gets a commission when someone buys a product through that link then (generally some percentage of the price of the purchased product).

Almost every big online store has an affiliate program which you can join to promote their products in your website and get a commission in return if someone buys from your affiliate link.


Source by Manas Ranjan Meher

3 Innovative Ways To Attract Money To You


It’s no secret everyone yearns to have more money in their wallet or bank account. Developing a healthy relationship with money is essential if you want to have more of it.

Money is, after all, just another energy. Yet so much emphasis has been placed on it.

We are told as children that money doesn’t grow on trees.

We are pushed to ‘keep up with the Jones’ and over and over we are told ‘money is what makes the world go ’round.’

All of this gives money an inordinate amount of power.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with money, you will never create the abundance you wish you had. In order to change your financial world, you need to change your feelings and paradigm about money. You need to change the way you think, feel and act about money.

If you believe you will never have enough money, you will never have enough money. What you focus on the most gives you exactly what you focus on the most.

These fun and practical little tips will magnify your energy and get the Law of Attraction sending more prosperity your way.

  1. Learn to pick up coins from the ground: Ask my friends and family how many times I find coins on the ground and it will blow you away. I always pick them up, hold them to my heart (Thanking The Universe) and then put them in my pocket. Even if it’s just five cents, make sure you bend down and pick up the money! You’ll show the Universe that you are open to collecting abundance. When you feel like you’d be embarrassed or self-conscious about doing this, I want you to re-frame it so that you are looking after the money. You are a conscious custodian of cash making sure that money feels loved. This generates the energy of appreciation.
  2. Write Yourself A Check: Do you know the story about Jim Carrey? Jim Carrey was a struggling young comedian trying to make money in Hollywood. He was just about to give up his dream of becoming a professional actor and comedian when he was booed off the stage at an open mic session in an LA nightclub.Jim sat by himself at the top of Mulholand Drive contemplating his success or failure. He then pulled out his check book and wrote himself a big fat check for $10 million dollars and made a note on it: “for acting services rendered.”He then carried that check with him in his wallet everywhere he went from that day forward.By 1995, after the success of his blockbuster movies: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask, his contract price had risen to the price of $20 million dollars.Write yourself a check for a specific amount and place it in your purse or wallet.
  3. Learn to love your bills: Sounds crazy right? Hold on as I explain. When bills land in your e-mail inbox or your mail box make sure that you mentally send them love and say thank you to the Universe for the services you have received in exchange for the bill. Draw little hearts on them and use the bills as an affirmation that prosperity flows into your life in many forms in order for you to pay your bills on time. Whatever you do, don’t send the bills negative energy. Try and re-frame your perspective. Remember that more than 80% of the world’s population survive on less than $10 per day. There’s something to think about.

Developing a healthy relationship with money is critical if you are someone who wants to attract more of it. Continuing your unhealthy relationship is a choice and quite honestly a bit of a cop out. Even if you just want enough to survive and occasionally take a little vacation, adopting a healthy relationship with money is imperative to achieve that.


Source by Anne Theriault

How To Earn Money Using YouTube


It seems the economy is getting better than it has been a few years back, but almost everyone you talk to is still searching for “the next big thing”. It may be tough finding a job you actually enjoy doing, but it’s even more arduous finding one that thrives in the long run. Have you ever heard of YouTube? Of course you have. In case you have been living under a rock for almost a decade, I’ll fill you in. YouTube is a video-sharing website that has exploded across every aspect of social media since it’s been created in early 2005. This is about how to earn money using YouTube, so I must tell you about these guys. Three young men and former PayPal employees thought of the genius idea to “broadcast yourself”, and the rest is history. It’s quite entertaining to watch silly videos of pranks, celebrities, and funny pranks, but I bet you never knew you could actually make a buck participating. It’s true! I’ll list just a few of the numerous ways to start raking in the money by posting videos.

YouTube was sold to Google almost a year after its birth for close to $2 billion dollars. It is currently operating as a Google subsidiary, and almost every human being from babies to seniors have become stars in the making just by simply posting a thirty second video for the world to see. If we can find the time to escape from our daily lives watching an online video that makes us chuckle, provoke creative thoughts, or teaches us a lesson or two, we certainly can find the time to make one. All you need is an internet connection and video editing software, which can easily be found through your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. Oh, and you also need an idea. It could be something that’s effortless, or it could be difficult. Either way, shoot it, post it, and start earning extra cash fast.

Creating the actual video is probably the hardest step before you actually begin collecting cash. Start by coming up with an idea. If you have any sort of talent or skill, it’ll be a no brain situation to record it as a video tutorial. Show me how to cook the perfect scrambled egg, teach me how to use liquid eyeliner even if I have a shaky hand, instruct me how to ask how to go to the bathroom before I head to Mexico… the possibilities are endless! And, if you’re lucky enough to know how to edit videos, you very well could master short, animated stories, or popular, catchy tunes with recognizable characters that will go global in a matter of days! Just remember to keep in mind that it must be unique, one-of-a-kind and include lots and lots of fabulous flair.

If you have a website, that’s a big plus. Because you have the opportunity of adding a watermark which will direct users to your website instantaneously. Most websites like Google Page will invite you to utilize the tools needed. Enhance your website by placing ads and affixing content which relates to your video(s). The entire point is not to keep viewers lingering at your site, but getting them to click the plethora of ads displayed. Fortunately, if you do some research, there are plenty of internet firms which will happily target your users based on content alone, and will pay you for each click. It may not seem like a lot in the beginning, but the more traffic you draw to your website and YouTube videos, the more money will accumulate at a quickening pace. Don’t forget to link your website in the video, and most importantly, in the description page.

Besides taking advantage of the many websites which could help you make extra money, YouTube is always there for you, too. YouTube can add content to your website, and will assist you adding a variety of advertisements. Take your time, browse the YouTube site and find what interests you. It does not matter if they’re not yours, they just have to have some sort of link or relation to what you are trying to “sell”. Focus on out of the ordinary hobbies, politics, or anything that could merely accompany your video. It will bring a ton of traffic, which in turn, will click on the ads posted, which again, in turn will have you collecting a check in no time at all.

Let’s say you don’t have a website as of now (What the heck are you waiting for?!). If you decide to just place your video on YouTube alone, there is still a way to make fast cash with ease. Simply set up your YouTube channel, and opt to have the small ads shown on and/or before your video. YouTube will pay you every single time the ads are clicked by curious viewers. A new, independent user who is bold enough to post a video can make a little over $2.00 per 1,000 views. That does not sound like much, and it may not pay the rent, but it adds up very fast. For example, if you make about 200 videos in the course of a year, and each one gets 5 views a day, that adds up to the $2 just mentioned. And, it’s simply money earned by not doing much work. Which will leave plenty of time attempting to unearth a new idea for another video. The earnings eventually slowly trickle in, but you will still receive a paycheck nonetheless. Imagine if your trendy video is all the buzz, where just about everyone talks about it around the water cooler. Now, that’s not so far-fetched, but it could very well happen. And, if so, 1,000 views could easily turn in to millions, and that $2.00 seems like just a drop in the bucket now. It’s not unheard of to make well over $50 to $100 a day just by spending 30 seconds or more in front of a camera.

Start by making a video, and then watching it. Chances are you’ll hate it. Make another, and another until it is perfected. Flaws are good sometimes because they can be perceived as quirky, which normally gets many hits on the YouTube channel. That’s how to earn money using YouTube. Do That But, continue to strive for the best possible, ever. Even then, it could be humorous when you’re trying to be serious. And, don’t forget to pick interesting titles for your videos. “How to Properly Clean a Litter Box”, or “Making a Butterfly Net out of a Paper Bag” just won’t cut it. The whole point is to grasp the viewers’ attention from the get-go. If they’re not interested, their fingers won’t click to watch your video, and you’re still making the same old paycheck you have been complaining about for far too long. Talk to friends, co-workers, relatives, fellow YouTube users, and don’t be afraid to visit the forums. They’ll prove to be very helpful in the long run, and extremely beneficial. You can put as much time in to this, or as little as you want. You’re the star. You won’t make any money just sitting around thinking about giving it a go. Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose! You are taping this by the way, right?


Source by Glen P Jon

4 Minute Money System Review – Is 4 Minute Money a Scam?


Are you searching for a 4 Minute Money System review? With so many money-making scams on the internet, it can be really hard to trust anyone who tries to sell their system which they claim can make money online. I knew I was very skeptical of 4 Minute Money when it was first released, and did not purchase it until many weeks later. So does this system really work? Read on to find out what happened after I started using it, and get a preview of what you can find inside 4MM.

1. My Experience after Using the 4 Minute Money System

After implementing the techniques, I have found this system to be a really powerful and risk-free method of making money online. Inside the 7 day trial period which the site offers, I was able to generate a little over $300 in profits, something that I have never been able to achieve before. I am also impressed with the simplicity of the steps and the high quality of presentation made in the videos and written guides.

2. What I Found Inside the 4 Minute Money Package

The entire system is split up into 5 different ebooks. They are titled Give People Money & Get Paid To Do It, Total Reciprocity – Get Paid to Ask for Nothing, The Automated System Robots Making You Money, The Insider’s Guide to Instantly Getting Your Own Free Labor, Products, and Money and 4 Minute Traffic Tactics.

Other than just the written information, the creator also provides scripts and videos that really make the process of making money online much simpler. Some of these scripts include the Yahoo Answers Alert, XConversions Keyword Tracker, Link Cloaker, Verses Keyword Generator, Classified Watcher, Cookie Stuffer and Cloaker, Coupon Link Popup, Coupon Keyword Generator, Blogger SEO Software, Email Form Creator and Coupon Finder.

3. What If The 4 Minute Money System Does Not Work For You?

Everyone who follows the step-by-step system inside 4MM should be able to make money relatively quickly. However, if for any reason that the system cannot work (maybe because you don’t have the time to implement it), you will be protected by the 7 day trial. This means that the maximum you can lose is $4.95, which is the cost of the trial.


Source by Martin Garner

Making Money Online Is Hard Work Unless You Have Clear Step By Step Instructions


Imagine waking up in the morning, turning on your computer, doing a few minutes work on the internet, seeing how much money you made the day before from the internet and then planning the day around your family and friends without having to go to work.

Well, I do and I must tell you its a great life but it hasn’t always been like that, before I started to work from home I was doing 9-5 in a stuffy office, I desperately wanted to work from home, I read every work from home article on the net, I tried every work from home opportunity known to man and eventually figured out how to make money using the internet.

Luckily I found a list of work from home opportunities that come with clear step by step instructions that walk you through it from beginning to end.

This doesn’t mean that the online money making process is any easier it just means that you have the tools to succeed online and then its up to you as to how hard you work and how much time and effort you put into your online business.

There are thousands of resources on the internet that will give you advice and help on how to build a website and get it listed in Google and Yahoo.

My personal advice is if you want to work from home using the internet, do your research, build your own website with your own domain name, don’t pay to get listed in search engines get listed naturally by submitting your web URL to the major search engines and let their search engine spiders index your site, it might take a few months to get indexed but its cheaper and once your listed on the front page of Google for a certain keyword(s), without paying for it, it’s such a rush, http://www.webdesign.org for some great tips and advice.

So take your time do your homework and have fun, good luck.


Source by Jonathan Reid

How to Make Money on the Side – Make Extra Money by Being an Affiliate


If you’ve always been on the lookout for the easiest methods on how to make money on the side, chances are you’ve heard about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing internet marketing method that continues to capture the interest of people who are looking for ways to make money online and earn extra income without living the comforts of their home. This method guarantees huge profits without having to do much work or shell out cash.

With affiliate marketing, you promote products of other companies through your website or through product reviews that you have written. There’s nothing much to do but post graphics and links of the products to your website or include them in the product review. The only thing that you would have to focus on is how to get visitors and readers to your site. Money starts to come in through the commissions, which you will earn from each product that was sold via your product review or website. With the easy processes that are involved with affiliate marketing, many successful marketers have tagged this type of online business the fastest and easiest method on how to make money on the side.

The increase in the population of people who are turning into this type of online business led to the establishment of various affiliate marketing programs; each offers their own unique methods on how to make money on the side. The most popular programs are Amazon, ClickBank and Commission Junction. All of these programs work basically the same, but differ in terms of commission structures and the products to be promoted. While ClickBank offers software, eBooks and anything that’s downloadable, Amazon offers thousands of tangible products from various companies and businesses. Meanwhile, Commission Junction or CJ lets you chose from the list of companies that they have partnered with and allows you to post the links of these companies to your blog or website.

To get started with any of the available affiliate programs, you need to sign up as an affiliate and get an approved link from them. Most affiliate programs would have to review your application before you can get approved. ClickBank, specifically, takes at most two weeks before they can approve your application. And once you have an approved link and you have your website up and running, expect money to start coming in. Remember, however, that the amount of commission depends on the program that you’re affiliated with. Check on the commission structure of each program and settle payment arrangements before signing up. If you know all the rules of each program, affiliate marketing can become the best method on how to make money on the side.

Your search for the most effective methods on how to make money on the side has finally come to an end with the introduction of affiliate marketing. It may be challenging at first, but once you’ve gotten used to it, money is sure to start coming in. Just know all the rules and learn how to play the game, and you’re on your way to a successful business online.


Source by Winston Castagnierberg

4 Minute Money Review – How to Make Quick Money System


Are you looking to read a 4 Minute Money review? This system promises to teach users how to make quick money online, but I am sure that you will be very skeptical about this website after reading through it.

I knew I was really skeptical when I read about it, but I had also found many positive testimonials about it too. Eventually, I decided to try this 4 Minute Money system by Harris Fellman and Brian Kosobucki out of curiosity, and I have not looked back ever since.

1. Will You Make Big Money With 4 Minute Money?

This system requires some time to get going, so you need to keep your expectations in check and not expect to see the kind of results you see on its website so soon. With every 4 Minute Money system that you setup, there is a 90% chance that it will continue to keep bringing you income for months to come so long as the visitors remain members for whichever service you promote.

When repeated enough times, the amount of residual income that you can earn will keep increasing every day. It is entirely possible that this passive income stream will replace and become much bigger than your day job income.

2. What Is Included In The 4 Minute Money Package?

This package contains 5 PDF guides that list the strategies of this system in a step-by-step fashion. There is also a software suite called 4 Minute Automation Software that contains a bunch of powerful programs. They have made my life a lot easier by automating many of the monotonous processes that need to be done to keep the system going.

For example, there is the Blogger SEO Tool that helps me optimize the sites that I create automatically, something which I would otherwise have to waste around 15 minutes to do for every small system that I setup.


Source by Martin Garner

Make Money Online Everyday: 5 Strategies for Success


Earning money online may be one of the best ways to commit yourself to your goal of financial freedom, especially if it is just one of many income streams in your life. The beauty with developing passive income streams on the internet is simple. The internet never closes its doors, it is always open, and millions – if not hundreds of millions – of people can stumble onto your website and decide to buy your product at any moment. In short, you have the opportunity to earn money each and every single day of the year.

Of course, I can not guarantee your success, I can only help share strategies with you that will increase your chances of succeeding online. By following the five strategies below, you have the opportunity to make money every single day.

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing has long been my favorite what to generate traffic. And, let's face it, in order to make money every and every day, you are going to have to generate a lot of traffic. But it is not impossible. You would be amazed at how many different aspects of your website, blog, or product you can talk about. I think you will also be amazed at the natural writing abilities that you have within you. (Even if you can not write, there are cheap writers-for-hire online.)

Pumping out multiple articles a day will help direct interested readers back to your website. And when they hit your website, be sure you pay attention to my next tip!

2. Autoresponder

Time and again, you will hear that "they money is in the list." This power of the list mantra is absolutely true. When I started with my first website around 2003, I did not think that I could have afforded an autoresponder program. In retrospect, that one minor decision probably cost me around five figures.

Developing a series of autoresponder messages will remind visitors to your website that you have a service or a product that will benefit them. By developing a list of potential customers, you increase your chances of making money every single day.

3. The Power of Twitter

You are well aware that Twitter has recently toppled governments and helped to overthrow tyrants. Just think of the good that Twitter can do for you and your business! Be sure to put out consistently high quality tweets and people will be coming back to your website repeatedly.

4. Facebook

Never understimate the power of Facebook. While many people utilize Facebook to connect with friends and family, there are a million different ways that regular posting on Facebook can help develop passive income streams for you.

5. Google+

Facebook might be the Empire in terms of social networks, but Google+ in hot on their heels. By diving in and developing a presence on popular social networks you will remind people about your website and your services.

Traffic takes time to build. But if you succeed in implementing all five strategies, you are going to have incredible traffic streams pouring into your website which – hopefully – will increase your bottom line.

Are you curious to see how I made money online?


Source by Jay Monroe

Make Money Ebooks


For this article we wanted to target a group of people who are looking for make money ebooks. When we hear “make money ebooks” we think ebooks that teach you how to make money. With this article we’ll review some of the best ebooks that teach you how you can earn a full time income online. Each of the ebooks we will review has sold thousands of copies. The authors are recognized as experts and guru’s. On top of that each one has made a fortune through internet marketing. Of course, that’s only relevant to this article to prove the source of these ebooks are authentic.

Aside from our review if you want additional information on these ebooks you can find them in the ClickBank marketplace. We chose ClickBank products because they are a leading payment processor. That way you can have more trust in the source. Instead of having to worry about some stranger person handling the transactions. As for our reviews, here are some of the best make money ebooks on the internet.

Affiliate Annihilation Ebook

Affiliate Annihilation is an eBook written by internet marketing guru Anthony Jones. His system will teach you how you can make money as an affiliate marketer. If you don’t what affiliate marketing is it’s where you promote someone else’s product. In return for your promotion, when the item is sold you’ll collect a commission. With this eBook you’ll learn how you can write simple articles and then promote them in the most effective way. The promotion is the secret key of affiliate annihilation. You’ll learn the most optimal way to promote your articles that receive thousands of visits. With that traffic you’ll be able to funnel your visitors through your articles and into sales.

Zero Cost Commissions Ebook

Zero Cost Commissions is an eBook by Paul Liburd. The eBook has been featured on major television networks and has been a best seller. What the eBook teaches you how to do is start your own affiliate business. Of course, the information in Zero Cost Commissions is more guarded than most ebooks. However the ebooks has sold thousands of copies and has helped thousands of people start their own home based business.

Traffic Anarchy Ebook

Traffic Anarchy is an eBook that teaches you how to get traffic to your website. If you own your own website then you’ll know exactly how difficult it can be. If you’ve ever tried promoting your own product then you’ll know that getting visitors and sales can be a hard thing to do. With the Traffic Anarchy eBook you’ll learn how you can promote your website more effectively. Unlike most ebooks this eBook doesn’t utilize AdWords or any major advertising network. Of course, that surprised us when we first read that. Still, if you own a website and are having difficulty getting traffic to your website then this is the eBook for you. Keep in mind it’s another best seller written by Steven Jones who is an authority on internet marketing.


Source by Tyler Deardon