Make Money Online Fast and Free – How to Pay Your Student Loan Before Graduating


It is quite normal for students to be cash strapped. We often hear: "I can not afford it, I am a student." It is common to see students working at part time jobs, for little money, and then once graduating they spend years paying off the student loan.

But things could be different. Technology has opened doors to anyone that is willing to work at making money. They have more options now. One option is generating an income form the internet. There are lots of possibilities to make money online fast-free, but one that could work very well for students is internet marketing. Internet marketing is a very flexible option as it does not require lots of time, it does not require the student to commute, and also can be done whenever he wants to. In addition the start up capital required is minimal. All one needs is a computer and an internet connection

To clarify, internet marketing involves selling a product over the internet. You could develop your own physical or digital product and sell it over the internet or promote other people products, which is known as affiliate marketing. When you become an affiliate of certain products you get a specific link. If someone clicks on your link and buys the product through that link you, as the affiliate, get a commission. There are thousands of companies that are looking for affiliates on the internet.

It is best to promote products that you are interested in, so you can really transmit your excitation about the product to the potential buyer. As said before you do not need any capital except a computer to start this business. Becoming an affiliate is free, and you can always promote the products just by writing articles and submitting them to directories. This is also for free. There are also paid methods to promote, but if you are just starting I would suggest you make money online fast-free first.

Since this option is quite flexible, it is a great option for students to generate an income and offers the possibility to generate enough income to pay off their student loan before graduating.


Source by Andrea Kalaydjian

How To Make Money With Facebook – Simple Facebook Money


The query of how to make money with Facebook is stirring up all over the web. Reason being, Facebook is not only the most widespread social media outlet on the planet right now, but in the past month if you check on you will notice that not once, but TWICE – Facebook passed Google in world wide traffic for the first time – making them the most popular website on the internet.

Do you not feel like doing a little dance? Congratulations Facebook – you’ve beat down the man – twice, in a month – & no other site has done that for 5 years. therefore the question becomes – what does all this mean to your business – & from what source can one literally make money with Facebook?

Before I get into the ‘how’ it is important to understand the reason Facebook even surpassed Google – & the reason is simple: more & more folks are utilizing the web as a social means. People do not have time to spend a few hours with neighbors at the coffee shop all the time anymore – hence instead, they’re hanging out on Facebook, many times multi-tasking as they are working their day job!

Consequently if that is the reason WHY individuals are on Facebook – then it is easy to discover HOW to make money with Facebook. You have to be social! I notice folks all the time doing this completely backwards. They are out there on Facebook spamming their affiliate links and multi-level marketing biz opp links on everyone’s Facebook wall praying that someone will click on the link and just ‘automatically’ buy their affiliate products or join their multi-level marketing opportunity. What’s the difficulty here? that is not even remotely social! If you are trying to make money on a social network, you cannot just be the sales person that keeps throwing ‘stuff’ on the wall & hoping some of it will stick. (Pardon the expression).

The good part is, you can be social on Facebook without even having a million friends – or even thousands of friends for that matter. I only have around 400 friends & use Facebook as a profit generating machine – I just do it completely differently than most other people. The key is to provide valuable facts to people rather than simply coming out and trying to hustle them something. For example, if you are a member of a multi-level marketing group on Facebook, instead of posting your biz opp links on the Wall, post a ‘how-to’ video or content on something you are good at in the network marketing industry. Perhaps it is sponsoring – maybe it’s having the right mindset, or being tenacious & not stopping until you make it. Whatever it is, post it on the Facebook Wall there & allow people the opportunity to ‘get to know you’ by means of your article or video before you jump right out & sell them on your business.

Think about it – when you find affiliate links all over your Facebook Wall or a Facebook group you are a part of, do you ever feel tempted to click or purchase anything from that person? If you’re anything like me, you are no doubt just totally annoyed that someone spammed your wall or your group wall and you click the little ‘x’ to remove the spam and block the user. right? that’s what I do. consequently to make money on Facebook – do not be that person – be the one that stands out from the spammy mess.


Source by Angela Jean Moore

Outsourcing Quality Design Work


More than often, I inevitably hear of the woes related to outsourcing graphics work at least a few times every week. Complaints range from simple timeline issues to overall quality deviations.

I always ask when I hear such issues, “Why did you outsource your design related work to begin with?”. The answer always the same, “for cheaper costs”.

Now I had always wondered, if the primary concern is cheaper costs then why all the whining and complaining? If the answer was “cheaper costs for quality services”, then I would have understood better. Rather, I find it tremendously incredible that someone would outsource their design work to anyone out there simply because they were the lowest bidder! Is no one bothering to consider experience, equipment or infrastructure?

The reason outsourcing would be cheaper would simply be due to lower labour costs. All other things has to weigh in at par. It shouldn’t matter whether anyone is outsourcing their design work to an individual or a studio; proper skill sets, equipment and infrastructure MUST be in place.

One of the primary way to ascertain if the freelancer makes the grade is by carefully reviewing the quote. If the numbers seem too good to be true, it most probably is. At the end you may end up spending a lot more than getting the work done right the first time by a professional. I have even come across some freelancers who prey on the “sympathy factor”. They blatantly showcase videos of their kids, shabby living conditions, etc. and portray freelancing as the only means of having some income and standard of life. Worst is seeing educated people falling for such pretenses.

These so called “freelancers” outnumber professional studios by a far margin. Professional studios, regardless of geography, spend quite a big deal into the infrastructure and equipment. They also invest heavily into regular training in order to keep the designers updated on any improvements on related software and market trends. No wonder these types of operations are few and far between. However, it’s certainly worth it to seek them out because, in the end quality is what matters. A well thought out and even better executed design makes any type of communication stand out, whether in print or online.

Throughout this global financial downturn, we have witnessed how many leading brands and agencies outsourced their design work rather than to cut cost. They were able to simply do more within their existing budgets. They were conscious of their decisions to use professional studios spread across the globe with a good track record and who guarantees their work.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sourcing design professionals with a cheaper cost, however it would be prudent to be very wary of the lowest bidder. Ask for a portfolio and credential deck. Toss some test work around to sample multiple options and sources. Make a sound decision based on logic because these work will define the identity of your business.

After all… it’s all about image!

Take care and good luck in outsourcing your next project.

Mashuk Rahman

Managing Director



Source by Mashuk Rahman

Make Money Online With Internet Marketing – Insights Into Getting Started


Let’s not beat around the bush. The best way to get started with Internet Marketing is to get some help if you can. If you don’t know someone to mentor you, purchase an Internet Marketing product solution program which will guide you through the process of getting started and well into the future. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time performing research, making plans, understanding concepts and learning about the necessary tools which have been mastered by others and can be leveraged. One of these programs will provide you with a jumpstart and your common sense will eventually take over. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Focus on getting the basics down and then work to make the wheel turn faster. There are viable guides available for less than $100 dollars and they are worth every penny. Just perform your research well and avoid getting scammed.

That being said, time and effort will be needed to gain insights into the general concepts of internet marketing which include topics such as:

1. How to choose a market niche to target

2. What methods to use to earn income (commission based affiliate sales and pay per click advertising etc…)

3. Where to find products to sell (online marketplaces)

4. What methods to use to establish a web presence (websites, blogs, articles, online news, etc……)

5. How to drive traffic to your web presence

6. How to analyze web behavior related to your web presence and products being marketed.

7. What resources and tools you will need to help you with the above mentions activities

Having gained insights into each of these areas, you will need to gain a perspective on your level of knowledge and skills which may need development. If some of these concepts are new to you, don’t be intimidated. You may just need a little help cutting to the chase. An internet marketing product solution guide can help. It is not that difficult and it is very rewarding to see yourself progress. Keep in mind you need to be persistent as generating revenue will occur gradually and you need to stick with it to make it worth your while.

Once you are ready to begin you will need to establish a basic plan focused on the first few weeks. Your plan will likely evolve to include the following:

1. Establish a website hosting provider relationship to host your website – Some Internet Marketing solution products will provide website presence for you eliminating the need to initially host your own website with a hosting provider. I recommend you go ahead and secure a website hosting provider and establish your own domain to get started. The cost to do this is as low as $5.00 – $7.00 per month and you get unlimited email accounts which you can use smartly to prevent spam from building up on your primary personal email account. Hint: use throw away email accounts for distributing online as needed, not your primary personal email account. Creating and owning a hosted website is half the fun. It becomes a bit of an obsession watching your website grow and generate traffic and one would like to think your web presence on the internet is providing value to someone. I am finding people on my websites for 30 minutes to an hour at a time which tells me they are finding useful information.

2. Identify and secure marketplace relationships

3. Determine the niche market and products you want to target

4. Create and publish your website with selected product offerings

5. Establish a relationship with Google AdSense

6. Figure out how to monitor your websites for traffic

7. Perform continuous improvement planning to improve your website and work on driving traffic to your website

Something you will hear is it is all about content. Remember that phrase and work to improve your sites content. However, don’t wait until your site is perfect to publish it. Publish your website when you have something reasonable, learn from what you are doing and make it better over time.

Once you have accomplished these basic activities, you will have created an initial framework and are ready to move to the next phase which is driving traffic to your websites and generating revenue. It is exciting to get to this point and is not that difficult, especially if you have some help. You may not be realizing much revenue at this point, but you will have the initial framework in place to learn how to drive traffic to your website and to improve your web presence strategy. This is where the real work begins refining your methods of making your websites presence known and generating income.


Source by Brad Helbig