Make Money Promoting Amazon Products


Amazon is one of the most popular and regularly visited sites on the Internet they sell a wide range of products at very competitive prices furthermore they are extremely customer focused and reputable.

If your new to the world of on-line marketing then it would makes sense for you to consider the Amazon Associates Program over other sites such as Clickbank or Commission Junction. Reason being that these sites require you to have a little more experience and know how and also to be honest the amount of refunds you have to make with certain products is not worth your time and hassle alone. Reputation is also a factor to consider, are people more likely to buy from your Amazon link or widget or a hop-link from Clickbank or CJ?

The Amazon Associates Program pays up to anything from 4% – 8% in commissions dependent on the number of sales achieved but as in most cases people end up buying more than one item during a single visit through your affiliate link. High ticket items such as TVs, mp3 and games consoles are good examples of this.

Two simple but effective ways to promote products is given out below.

First method consists of direct linking, if you have your own website you can link it directly with Amazon, another effective method is using social media such as Twitter. You could recommend a video game or DVD by simply putting your Amazon link in your tweet, this way it’s not blatantly obvious what your doing.

Another effective method involves the creation of a simple 1/2 page mini-site where you do a product review of a product your promoting and place links to it on your mini-site, this requires a little more experience but can be more profitable, bear in mind you would have to optimize your site to appear in search engine rankings and indulge in a little Google Pay Per Click, however if your budget is stretched i recommend writing and submitting a few articles about the product and include links back to your mini-site to drive potential customers to it.

In conclusion the Amazon Associate Program is a good way of building your first blocks in the world of affiliate marketing just don’t expect to get rich overnight however with the right strategy and promotion you could build up a nice little income on the side which could pay the bills or pave the way for that holiday.


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Tips on How To Make Money Online The Easy Way


Are those bills getting higher and those dues are so much near, but pay-time is a bit far ahead? For those who need easy money, it’s not always easy to find one. Most probably, these desperate people would even dig in the most unusual jobs just to bring in some extra cash such as baby-sitting, setting up a garage sale, pawning, and even selling scrap. Well, if this is not really one’s idea of making cash flow in quickly, it is wise to try an income-generating job that wouldn’t really require so much effort and would never put one’s reputation at risk. Here are some tips on how to make money online the easy way.

1. Make money by naming domains. The original idea about naming domains came from Dane Carson’s blog. It’s undeniable, there are some sites with really lousy domain names, and this is where the opportunity to gain money comes in. Calling these owners and offering one’s naming services is such a good idea.

2. Be a smart seller. With the millions of people selling cheap stuffs on eBay, one can buy these cheap stuffs and resell it for a much higher price. One can go to and find what item most people buy and sell. Take note of the prices. Then on eBay, search for cheaper prices of these stuffs, buy it, and then sell it on Now that’s really an easy way to buy and sell.

3. Write Reviews. There are some sites that pay for product reviews, so why not search for these sites and give them an offer they can’t resist? Contact developers and offer one’s services to be a review writer for their product – and it can be any product, like softwares, cameras, printers, etc. Writing good product reviews and testimonials can really boost up the sales, so don’t quit on convincing developers to hire a product reviewer! This job is actually fun and easy to do, plus – free products or softwares are up for grabs!

4. Blog and get paid for it. Blogging is more than just a writing past time, it can get some income coming too. Most bloggers know how to make money online the easy way by creating links to a product or website on their page that would improve the website’s traffic. More traffic, means more money – and yes, these sites are willing to pay the blogger a reasonable price for the little favor the writer did.

5. Be a Poet. There are some sites that are also willing to pay a not so high but at least reasonable price for those rhymes and poetic words. For those who are natural poets, this job can be really easy.

Aside from these tips mentioned, there can still be so many ways were one can bring in some cash the easy way. If there are people who are in dire need of extra cash because of some emergencies, or if they just want to save up something for themselves, suggesting these how to make money online the easy way tips can be so much helpful.


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How to Make Money From the Internet – The Simple Guide


Majority of bloggers earn revenues promoting their own products on their blogsite to earn money usually by displaying ad side-by-side on their blog and also incorporating them into posts. I guess you must wondering how you can earn money from your blog from the internet if you haven’t got the product of your own but you have a blog that generate some considerable traffic. Meanwhile, I will also talk about how you can create your blog if you haven’t got any blog and start earning your own money too from there. It is possible for you to promote the product of other people on your blog and still earn money whenever you make a sale through affiliate programs. The amount of money you earn varies from 4% to 7% for physical products to 50% for downloadable products. Affiliate programs are a method whereby you promote the product of other people in return for some percentage whenever you make a sale.

A simple method to discover the affiliate program of your choice is to search the niche of your choice. For instance, search the two words “affiliate programs” plus the niche of your choice, eg “affiliate program television”, and it will return results for programs for you. Some firms manage their own program, but you can also find firms that manage affiliate programs for vendors, as well as bigger ones like sony, or eBay. Examples of firms that manage affiliate programs for vendors are cj, linkshares, avantlink etc. Amazon has its own associate programs which you can utilize to sell any of their products in your blog and in return you make money from it on the internet.

Assuming you have an Amazon product targeted at visitors that surf your blog. Let’s say you exhibit books, someone clicks on it and at the end purchases the product, it means you are going to get some percentage from that sale. Even if you don’t have a blog you could make one too. Just think about an area you are very good at and create a blog about it and monetize the blog with Amazon products related to the niche of your blog. Create a blog and start off with at least 10 articles and submit it to article directories with a link back to your site in order to get traffic on the internet.

In conclusion, aside from programs that reward you with some percentage of the share when someone purchases through your affiliate link, there are also programs that reward you for any click on ads for their product displayed on your blog, per impression: for each view of the product, per lead; meaning if the visitor supplies his email address and various other ways to earn money from your blog. It all depends on the kind of way that suits you the best on the internet.


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The Single Crucial Tip That Can Help A ClickBank Affiliate Make Money Online Up To $13,950 A Day


Make Money Online As A ClickBank Affiliate

Many people start trying to make money online as a ClickBank affiliate. However being new to ClickBank or any other internet marketing program can be very frustrating as many people have found out. If you are a newbie and have tried ClickBank before, you would have known that it can be quite frustrating to be a new affiliate. Why? Not only is it already difficult to make money online but ClickBank takes away its affiliate’s commission when they do not make enough initial sales to satisfy ClickBank’s terms and conditions!

Find out how to overcome this and make $153.90 or $1,39.00 or even $13,950.00 a day. How much you want to make – it’s all up to you.

How You Can Become A Dormant ClickBank Affiliate?

Do you know that as of July 2010, ClickBank has around 2.8 million affiliates but only around 110,000 are active? So what happened to the 2.6 plus million affiliates? If you are not active in ClickBank after 90 days, then you are considered a dormant ClickBank affiliate. Even though you may have made some sales, you may still be classified by ClickBank as a dormant ClickBank Affiliate and will not be paid by ClickBank if you have not met its conditions.

Are Dormant ClickBank Affiliates Cheated By ClickBank?

Well the answer is NO. When you join ClickBank as a ClickBank Affiliate in your endeavor to make money online, you agreed to its terms and conditions. One of its terms is that you must satisfy its Customer Distribution Requirements (CDR) which requires you to make sales that satisfy the conditions stipulated in the CDR. As you would have probably have figured out by now, there was a whopping 2.6 plus ClickBank affiliates as of July 2010 that have not met ClickBank’s CDR requirements! I was one of them until I found out how to “beat” the system and at the same time make a lot of money for myself.

How Can You Make $153.90 Or $1,539.00 Or $15,390.00 A Day With ClickBank?

In my frustration to get back my hard-earned money from ClickBank in my initial venture to make money online, I looked all over the place until I managed to find a system that worked for me. This is the system that I am now sharing with you.

In order to be successful, the system has to be simple and this system is very simple. It consists of making very easy small $3 eProduct (all ClickBank products are eProducts) sales to other ClickBank affiliates to keep their account from becoming dormant. It can also be sold to other internet marketers who want to make money online. Once they have bought this product, they automatically become a ClickBank affiliate of that product and in turn can make the same commission from it.

What Is The Formula To Make Money Online With That Kind Of Target?

So how do you make $153.90 a day, let alone $15,390.00 a day making a $3 eProduct sale? Well it is easy. Most of the ClickBank affiliates I found were not interested in the $3 package (which by the way was the “silver package”). After all we all did not go to the internet to make money online to make a pittance, right? As such, they opted for the “gold package” which has a one-time cost of $27. For either package sold, you get a 57% commission. Hence for the gold package, you get $15.39. If you sell 10 “gold packages” a day, you get $15.39 * 10 = $153.90. Just multiply by the number sold per day and that is your income!


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