How To Make Money On eBay Using The "Top Secret Car Secret"


There is a shake and stir in the web auctioning community and it all is about Dr. Suzanne Gundakunst’s latest book, the Top Secret Car Secret.

When most people think of buying a car the first thought that goes through your mind is, “I’m losing $1,000’s as soon as I drive it off the lot.” Or, “how come I can never wheel and deal with the car dealer?”

There has recently been an onslaught of “how to” books and programs all geared towards helping you make money on eBay. From the teenager who is selling some old music CD’s, to the professional power-seller auctioneer who makes a full-time living from buying and reselling products for profits, learning how to make money on eBay is not easy at first, and it takes patience and endurance for you to have success.

With the housing market down, and a recession in the USA, people are tight on money and are looking at ways to save money on their next car purchase. This is where you can be a solution to their needs by becoming a eBay auctioneer. Imagine buying a car for$25,000 and selling it for $31,000, and doing that on the same day? Making money like this and turning a 20% plus profit happens everyday on eBay. Not only that, but a car is considered “capital gains,” so your taxes are minimal, compared to interest income.

The easiest way is to learn from others, and not trying to do it on your own. And,you want to start and focus on one or two niches, as opposed to being all over the map and getting bogged down because of a loss of focus.

Making money on eBay has once again been the focus because of Dr. Suzanne Gundakunst’s latest ebook, “Top Secret Car Secret.” Inside this book, Dr. Suzanne gives impressive knowledge on a number of ways to make money on eBay by buying and then reselling cars. Buying and selling cars on eBay is a huge business.

One of the greatest benefits in using eBay to make money is that you don’t even have to own a website.

Why cars (and you can also include trucks, SUV’s, vans and mini-vans)?

– Everyone needs a car today…and most WANT a nicer car.

– Most people have basic knowledge about different car models, and therefore your learning curve is not huge. Learning different models is not hard to do once you get the hang of it. You don’t have to be a mechanic and technical guru.

– The rise is fuel costs these days means that many are dumping their gas hogs and buying smaller, and yet expensive cars.

– The Automotive Industry is a TRILLION dollar industry, among the highest in the world, along with Health, Food, Real Estate, and Financial Services. Therefore, it is safe to say that you will always find a market as people are always buying and selling cars. The Top Secret Car Secret enables you to do this and make “huge profits” for your RESELLING of autos.

– For most, buying a “nicer” car is still an emotional purchase based on wants and not needs. To get the “nicer” car, they are willing to pay a premium. The Top Secret Car Secret shows you where and how to find these nice cars at cheap prices so that you can resell them on web auctions at eBay and other places.

Making money on eBay by auctioning new and used cars is huge, and you can make a fortune simply focusing on this one niche, and that is what is encouraged.


Source by Mark Dulisse

Best Online Money Making Programs – Network Marketing Secret


People always looking for the best online money making programs online never seem to find them as they are confused. The reason they are confused is because there are so many programs out there in the Internet that it's hard to know which ones are real and which ones are not. I know this from experience because when I first started I did not know the difference between the two or anything at all. I'm sure you feel the same way, that is why I'm trying to share with you my experience.

In order to find the best online money making programs do your research first and find out all you can about the companies that interest you. Remember that only patience will help you when doing the research because it does take time. The time that it takes is worthwhile you know that your business will grow eventually. Utilizing the network secret of having the right attitude and mindset will help you succeed.

Do not get confused when it comes to the best online money making programs and instead keep in mind that by doing your research and taking the time you will be able to find the right one for you. By just being patient and waiting you will be able to do this and you will be able to start a long-term business the right way.

Of course not many people do this because they are not dedicated or focused on having a long-term business. It seems that everyone wants to make a quick cash on the Internet but soon enough they learn this is not the way to go.


Source by Omar Negron

From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money Selling Info Products


The term "Infopreneur" is a reliably new industry buzz word that is making waves because it opens doors for entrepreneurs to generate new streams of income. Simply put, an infopreneur sells information.

Information products are offered in a variety of formats including books, e-books, special reports, audio formats, videos, books, tips booklets, and essentially any method in which you can deliver information. Many successful entrepreneurs have been doing this for years. Here are some examples:

* Joan Stewart is a public expertise and operates . With over 100 special reports and audio records of the teleconferences she hosts, Joan is a master infopreneur.

* Dottie Walters is the author of "Speak and Grow Rich" and several other books, and the founder of . In addition to her published books, Dottie sells audio programs, subscriptions to "Sharing Ideas," her magazine for speakers, and weekend-long seminars.

* Dan Poynter is the author of "The Self-Publishing Manual" and other books. This savvy infopreneur has built his enterprise based on his expertise in several areas: publishing, parachuting, serving as an expert witness, and cats. Dan sells dozens of special reports and mailing lists through his website: .

Benefits of Info Products

Aside from the additional revenue stream info products generate, there are numerous hidden benefits. For example, many authors treat their books like a business card, using them to open doors to new business opportunities. A book gives you more credibility and makes you more interesting to the media. With the right spin on your topic, media exposure could bring you a windfall of new business. Just look at any author who has made it onto the Today Show or Oprah. Even an article in a local newspaper can prompt hundreds of readers to buy your book.

As you add more info products to your line, you spin a web of opportunity. Each product may appeal to each customer differently. Some may buy one product, others may buy another product, and ideally, most customers will return to purchase multiple products.

Each product provides the opportunity to reach new markets with your advertising efforts. You automatically create a new reason to send a press release when you announce a new product. You can also promote the new product to your newsletter subscribers and to other businesses that compliment yours. These target marketing opportunities could change with each new product introduced since each could appeal to a different audience.

Giveaways are another fantastic use for info products. For example, you could reward new subscribers to your e-zine by giving away a free e-book. Or you could send your e-book to other business owners and allow them to distribute it for free, provided all of your contact information remains intact. This strategy will absolutely bring you new customers and that all important exposure to your audience.

You can also negotiate rights to resell your content. Paulette Ensign creates bound tips bookslets and has sold them by the thousands to businesses who use them as giveaways for their own customers and employees. Not only does she make money selling the reprint rights to the booklets, but she reaches thousands of potential new customers.

What to Write About

Everybody is an expert at something. If you run a successful business, that makes you an expert in your industry. Or depending you are an expert at a hobby, sport, or other special skill. Here are some tips for coming up with product ideas:

* Conduct a survey with your customers and ask them what information they need or would like to know.

* Teach people how to do something.

* Create a directory. Do you have a list of 50 or more resources that people in your industry need? Sell ​​it!

* Read books from your field of interest. Is there a book that covers an important piece of information in one chapter that describes to be expanded upon? Could you write a whole book or a special report about that topic?

* Make a list of potential guests that you can interview and host teleseminars. You could charge for the twins, or offer them for free and sell the recordings.

* Outline some topics and consider teaching at your local adult learning center or become a professional public speaker. You can also sell records of your live presentations.

* Produce a video recording of a demonstration, speech, or technique ..

* Take an inventory of the people you know. Can you incorporate them into your projects? People like real-world examples and advice from experts. Interview your peers and include excerpts in your print publications or audio products.

Keys to Info Product Success
In order to convince customers to get out the credit card and buy from you, your products need to meet the following criteria:

* Credibility: Demonstrate any credentials that you have in your field. This is not the time to be shy. Publicize your education, experience, awards, or achievements in the area that you specialize. Strangers are not going to buy from you unless you can demonstrate your ability to deliver on your promises.

* Quality: There are a lot of information products out there and some are downright lousy. Make sure that whatever you produce is of the highest quality. Written documents should be professionally edited. Audio or video programs should also be edited.

* Value: There is a balance balance when determining the price of products. Too many infopreneurs price their products out of the ballpark. Check to see how your competitors are pricing their products. Some price products higher to demonstrate the extreme value of the information they are selling. If you use this strategy, be sure you are delivering information that is worth its weight at checkout.

* Delivery: With electronic products such as e-books and reports, customers who purchase want instant gratification. Although you can usually e-mail electronic products once a sale is completed, it's best to set up a system to automate the delivery process. An added advantage of automation is that you will not have to constantly check e-mail for sales notifications and you can actually make money and deliver products while you sleep.

If you mail products, be sure to set up a streamlined process for shipping. Compare shipping options with the US post office (, United Parcel Service (, and Federal Express (

* Marketing: No business can survive without marketing. You need to let people know you are there so you can entice them into buying from you. A solid marketing plan is essential to success with info products.

* Development: All info products should be up to date. At the same time, new products should be in development and should compliment other products you have available. Think about how McDonald's structures its business. The fast food chain relies on a staple of products (Big Macs, French fries, Quarter Pounders) and introduces new products throughout the year. Some products are only available for a limited time – a chance to test the marketability. The products that sell best are added to the permanent menu.


If you're going to sell info products, you need a way to promote them. The first place to begin is with a website. A website can reach a potential customer base that spans the globe. Your own website allows you to establish your credibility, build a database of site visitors, and promote and sell your products directly.

Strategies for Promoting Info Products

* Host a website that specializes in topics related to your info products. Provide free information as a sample of what you have to offer. If you offer free information that is useful, you can eventually convert many of those users into real buyers.

* Conduct public speaking engagements (including workshops, seminars, and classes). Seminar speaking experience helps you earn credibility while gaining valuable exposure and experience.

* Hold teleconferences to share information. Ask peers to announce your events in their e-zines or on their website. Even if you are not selling your product up front, you are exposing people to your products.

* Distribute a newsletter or e-zine. This is an inexpensive yet valuable way to market to your customers.

* Up-sell and promote additional products when someone makes a purchase. Include a brochure about your other products when you ship an item or offer the buyer a special discount on a related product at the time of purchase.

* Establish yourself as an expert in your field by being seen and heard everywhere. Participate in interviews, publish articles in print and online, and seize every possible opportunity to get your name out there.

* Take advantage of media exposure. Radio is an inexpensive way to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. Many talk radio programs accept experts through call-in format. If your topic is interesting enough to reach a broad range of listeners, you could go on a radio tour right from the comfort of your own home. Print publicity is also beneficial. Find news angles for your topic and contact newspaper, magazine, and TV reporters.

* Create an affiliate program. Offer other businesses the opportunity to sell your products and pay them a percentage of each sale.

* Swap advertising with websites and e-zines that reach your target market.

As you develop a plan to generate and sell your own info products, take note of how others are doing it. You may even want to purchase some info products from business owners that you admire so you can evaluate the content. Learn from those who are already successful so you can emulate their success. Soon you could be generating income while you sleep.

For additional resources on developing an infopreneur business, visit .


Source by Stephanie Chandler

2 Ideas To Make Money Online That Are Not As Good As People Think


When it comes to making money online you have many different choices and what most people don’t fully understand is you need to carefully consider all of them. The first thing you need to understand about making money online is that there are 2 ideas that many people try just because they are told that it works. Let me tell you something before you get your hopes up that you will be making money very soon, some ideas are harder than others.

2 ideas that are not as good as people think

Affiliate marketing – I am not about to say affiliate marketing is not the right way to make money because I have made a lot from it but the fact of the matter is many people think that affiliate marketing is simple and they can be making money within days of starting. The truth is that affiliate marketing takes time and effort to do properly and if you want to consistently make money you will need to work at it and promote affiliate products using affective marketing.

eBay selling – Again, I don’t want to say anything bad about selling on eBay because this is another thing I do that makes me a lot of money but the truth is it does take some knowledge and some skill in order to make the money that many people promise. What most people don’t understand about eBay is they have to find products that people want and sell them for a price that they are willing to pay. The hard part about eBay is that getting all the merchandise is harder than you might think and that is what a lot of people try to fool you on.

When it comes to ideas that actually will make you money you need to be aware of the pros and cons of each idea. The fact of the matter is there are many ideas out there and not all of them will work for you. If you want to make money then you need to spend a lot of time figuring out what method will work best for you and then spend some time perfecting it. My advice to you is to do all you can in order to find the best ideas to make money that will be easy enough for you to do and that make enough to keep you hooked. Just remember that the key to success is in the idea.


Source by Adam Snyder