How To Make Serious Money Online By Blogging


Although blogging has been popular for many years, particularly for those who want an outlet for their emotions, it has only been in recent years that people have been making money by blogging. Internet marketers have been using it to create a substantial income online. In fact, today, blogging can be said to be one of the best tools in Internet marketing.

Blogging is an abbreviated term for “web log.” It’s an online journal. It can be set up for not cost at all. It can be used for fun or to make some serious money online.

Blogging for your Internet business is a surefire way to improve visibility of your products and services. Here are a few ways to boost your Internet advertising with the help of a blog:

Use your blog to announce any new products or services your business now offers.

  • A blog can be used as a way to teach other people what you’re an expert in.
  • When you use blogging as an interactive tool, you can get reader feedback on your insights.
  • Blogs make it easy to get backlinks because they are so interactive, unlike a static webpage.
  • Affiliate links could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.
  • Blogs allow you to gauge reader’s opinions about your product and give you ideas on how to create something that fulfills a need.
  • One way to improve your blog traffic even more is to recommend other people’s blogs and get reciprocal backlinks.

Setting up a blog is very easy. You can simply sign up for a blog or you can create your own blog. Once your blog is set up, you can use it as a platform to advertise your business.

A really simple way to set up your blog if you don’t want to spend any money on it is to go to a hosting site and follow their simple instructions. and are very popular and have ironed out any glitches in their system. These are very user friendly.

However, the best blogs are WordPress self-hosted blogs, which get you the most traffic from Google and which have numerous plug-ins. In fact, a WordPress blog is far better than a regular website because it gets more attention from Google search engines and more of your keyword articles get indexed on this gigantic search engine. WordPress will help you make money by blogging.


Source by Saleem Rana

How to Make Money on the Web During the Recession


The first thing to learning the steps of earning cash in a recession online is actually to convince yourself that it can be done. Does it sound all too simple? Well, it may sound that way but it is true fact that arming yourself with this thought would give you the confidence and reassurance. Without this, how do you think you are going to succeed?

If you still have doubts that you can earn cash during the recession online, do you think you can do it?

So take some time, convince yourself and etch this thought in your subconscious mind, ‘YOU CAN make money online even in these economically hard times.’ Now read the following information to learn how you go about making some much needed cash.

A Proven Strategy for Making Lots of Cash Online

The very first step you should take in attempting to make some money online is picking a product that you have an interest in. It may be a hobby which you do in your spare time or an item that have caught your attention when you look through advertisements or commercials. The trick is to choose something which you have a genuine interest in. You will eventually find out that earning money online would be much easier when you are truly interested in the product you are handling.

Next, locate a thriving market based on the interest or hobby you have chosen. Get on well-known search engines like Google and do some search related to the interest you have. Thereafter, do some research on which of the items of your interest that people are actually buying and willing to part their cash on. As you go through this process of ‘research’, you will find that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

After you have ‘researched’ and discovered this information, you can begin to apply this knowledge on the market related to your interest, and start your journey to making extra cash online.

Find a Guide on Earning Cash Online

It is important to note that there are a lot of information and materials to learn from and digest in the initial stages of making a living online. For most, this period could be pretty daunting and overwhelming, and especially so if one has no idea of how to get started. That is why it is important to find a dependable, reliable system to begin your journey of an online internet business. You would also need a guide, or an eBook which shares with you how you go about starting your online business, what are the resources which you would need. This guide or eBook should act as a checklist and shows you the way to earning cash online even with no experience at all. Apply what you learn from this resource and you will be on your way to making the money that you have always dreamed of.


Source by Louis YP Ng

The Best Way to Make Money – Follow Your Calling in Life


“I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

~Walden, Henry David Thoreau

What great words and they are so true. Happiness and contentment in life comes to us only when we are happy with ourselves and in what we do. Making money is not what makes us happy. It really isn’t. Ask the professional musician, the artist, the teacher, the scientist, those people that are doing what they love if money makes them happier.

Money is only a result of the value you bring to people and when the delivery of that value is your calling, you have found a blessed way to live. This is a worthwhile goal and it doesn’t matter where you are today in life; you can if you want it bad enough. Just apply: Desire + Study + Action = Success!

The first step towards this wonderful purpose in life is to discover your calling. Try this exercise:

1. Make a BIG capital T on a piece of paper and title the left side: Passion; the right side Talent.

2. Under each title, place the top 4 or 5 passions (on left) and talents (on right). AND… do not over-think about what they are, because you should know… they’ll come to you. Your passions and talents should always have a benevolent nature.

3. Through a process of elimination, pick the top passion and top talent.

4. Combine them and that is your calling. That is what you should do in life which brings you meaning.

Work on ways in which you can monetize your calling. When you find your calling, the rest of the challenges in life become spring-boards to your success.

I recall hearing Dr. Wayne Dyer tell a metaphor on happiness at a seminar and I think I have the “jist” of it here:

“There were two cats that met in a yard. The first cat was young and just got out of cat philosophy school. The second cat was a wise alley cat. The young cat was chasing his tail as they are prone to do and the alley cat asked the young cat why is he chasing his tail?

The young cat promptly told the alley cat that he learned in cat philosophy school, that happiness is found in your tail and if he caught it, he would be eternally happy. The wise alley cat agreed, and that yes indeed happiness is found in the tail. The wise alley cat smiled and shared with the younger cat that after years living in an environment that required complete independence, when you follow your calling, your tail follows you wherever you go. Yes indeed, happiness is found in your tail.”


Source by Robert Andres Cuadra

How to Make Money with Article Writing


Even if you are not into article writing yet, you cannot escape others talking about how much money they made writing content for other websites. Such talk certainly entices one to join the article writing bandwagon. After all, who doesn’t want to make money from within the comforts of one’s home and that too by just putting their own thoughts into words? No sweat at all!

But the major deterring factor is the lack of information on the subject of article writing itself. There are several articles on the Internet dealing with how to make more profits once you are an article writer, but very few articles tell novices how to become professional article writers. People may have several things to tell, but without the knowledge of how to go about it, what’s the use?

Getting started with article writing is a very straightforward, streamlined process. It is something even schoolchildren can do; because becoming a professional writer over the Internet is as simple as making an email id. But you want to make some good money from it, right? In that case, you must go about it in a carefully planned way. Allow me to give you some professional advice on how to become a professional article writer.

The first step is to make a good bio-data of yourself. Mention your qualifications and even put in a picture if possible. Employers would like to see who they are going to work with. Once this is done, select a favorite topic and write a good article of about 400 to 600 words on it. You will be using this as a sample article for your prospective employers. Obviously, this article has to be of a good quality, since this is the deciding factor for the employers in selecting you.

Next, you should become a member of some sites that provide freelance work. Since you are new to this, you will definitely not want to pay any membership fees. So I am giving you three good websites that provide free limited memberships. These are:, and

You can also become a member of job sites such as and (if you are Indian) and mention in your profile that you are looking for freelance work. There will be an email project notification on these sites. Do check that box. This way you will come to know if new projects matching your profile are posted on the site. And remember to make a list of all the usernames and passwords on these websites and keep them safe. It will be a pity if you get a good job notification and do not remember what your login id was.

Sites like and accept bids from professionals. But when you get a project notification in your email, do not be overzealous and bid on it right away. See what the employer wants. Bid on the project only if you feel capable to do it well. As this could be your first project, you will need to do it well. Wait until a suitable project comes your way.

On an average, you should get a good project (I mean, a project satisfying your profile) within a week. Once you get that, you need to place your bid. Do this carefully. Do not overbid or you may lose the project. Remember that you are a fresher and the employer might select you only if your bid makes sense to them. Most employers will also want you to write a sample article. Do not feel bad about this. Even professional writers are made to write samples (for which they may not be paid) for the simple reason that each project has different requirements. Give this sample article your best, and do not take more than one day completing it. When you have sent it, wait for the employer’s feedback.

Here it is your skill that will determine whether the sample passes or not. But at least you now know how to go about the ‘initiation’ process.

There are some ways in which you can increase your chances of getting selected. One of them is to become members of free article directories like and These are places where you can submit your articles freely and even give a backlink to your website. You can put a small bio of yourself with your picture also. This will make you popular. Another way is to write posts on existing blogs. You can mention both these in your bio-data. In that case, you will not be counted as an amateur, but as a professional Internet writer.

Any job requires some research in the beginning, and article writing is no exception. If you are serious about writing articles, you must read several articles already written by other writers on the net and see what kind of style they have adopted. Make this a part of your education. This will give you tremendous confidence to face your first project. All the best!


Source by Dr John Anne