Affiliate Marketing – Can You Really Make Money Online?


Affiliate Marketing is not just another scam such as pyramid schemes. Affiliate marketing is the real deal on making money on the internet. There are plenty of ways to make a living off of the internet and affiliate marketing is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so.

I have been working as an affiliate marketer now for several months and I can say for a fact that you can and will make money as an affiliate marketer if you follow some simple guidelines.

The first guide line is mind set. You absolutely have to get yourself into the right mind set. I can is the operative phrase here. As an affiliate marketer you are going to have good days and bad days. For example: I had a string of sales about 2 weeks ago that netted me about $250. That is some pretty good scratch considering I didn’t do anything but create a few websites and write a few articles. On the flip side, following that run, I went 3 days without a sale until day 4 when I netted 2 more sales for $40.

Honestly, during those 3 days I was wondering what the heck? What happened? Nothing happened. You just have to stay in the right mind set to weather the storm. So, as an affiliate marketer, be ready to have good and bad days!

The second guide line is to do your homework. If you are going to start on this wonderful path to making extra money online, you absolutely have to do your homework. What is your homework? Your homework consists of researching everything from your product, to the niche it resides in, to ways of marketing your product, to the competition you are going to have when you market your product!

There have been many affiliate marketers that have crashed and burned by not doing their homework. I myself lost over $300 in one week by not doing my homework on some keywords I was using for a PPC campaign. For those of us on a tight budget, $300 is a lot of money!

The third guide line is have patience. Affiliate marketing is not an overnight process and it certainly isn’t get rich quick. As a matter of fact, from what I have learned it isn’t exactly get rich either. Most successful affiliate marketers aren’t exactly rich, but they are doing well enough to not have to work a “regular” day job. I have met a few of these successful people and it is possible to “kill your dayjob” at some point.

Of course, in order to get there, it takes patience. Rome was not built in a day and neither is your affiliate marketing empire.

The fourth guide line I have for you is to stay focused and committed. If you fail to stay committed to your new endeavor, you will never see the type of results that you read about online. And if you are reading this article, then you most likely have come across a few ads or articles claiming how you can make a ton of money! I have (read a bunch of articles about making a ton of money that is!)

The fifth and final guide line is to evaluate your work product. If you get yourself into the affiliate marketing business, it is vitally important that you consistently review your work. Check as many statistics as you can with regards to page views, click-throughs, conversions etc. Knowing and understanding where your traffic is coming from is critical to being a successful affiliate marketer!


Source by Eric Paton

Making Money Quickly – 3 Easy Steps


It is not difficult for you to start making money quickly. Actually you can begin it online now. There are many websites online that will tell you if you buy their product you will make $100 in the first 5 minutes. Well I hate to burst your bubble but it doesn’t really work that way. If it did we would all quit our day jobs and sit behind our computers getting rich. However, you can begin affiliate marketing since it is a well-proven system in which you earn a commission just like a car sales rep.

Now before you go and get nervous let me explain to you how this works. Online companies sell products that millions of people buy every day. Now if you suggest to a person that they look at this product and they buy it then you will get paid. You won’t have to go annoy all your friends and family. The best way to go about making money quickly is to use a technique called article marketing. This is the easiest yet most profitable way to make your money. It also, doesn’t require that you spend a penny.

Steps to article marketing

1. Write an article a topic that people want to learn about. For example, you could write about how to lose belly fat.

2. In this article place links that connect the reader directly to the webpage of the product you are promoting.

3. The readers will then click the link in your article and be taken to the sales page. These web sites are specifically designed to sell their product so you can use this to your advantage. This is how you will begin making money quickly.


Source by Chris Gargan

Want to Start Making Money Using Ebay


Do you want to start making money using eBay? I know that I do — well, I did want to as of a few months ago.

I have been on eBay for years. I started using eBay to find sports memorabilia. There was so much on eBay that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Then, one day, while I was browsing for a baseball jersey, I noticed another baseball jersey (that I wasn’t really interested in) that was available for very little money. I wasn’t sure why, but for some reason it just hadn’t gotten many bids. I had seen jersey like this before that were sold for 2 or 3 times what this exact same one was going for.

So I bought it. And as soon as I received it, I re-sold it on eBay. I ended up doubling my money. That’s really what got me started. I didn’t know it at the time, but that “buy low, sell high” philosophy is what a lot of people use to make money on eBay.

Actually, it’s more complicated than that. In reality it all comes down to finding the right products. If you can’t find the right products, you can’t make any money on eBay. It doesn’t matter if you are going to dropship, sell refurbished goods, look for deals at garage sales or anything else. To make money using eBay you need to know what is really going to sell. Figure that out and you have yourself a little eBay business.


Source by Michael M Thomas

8 Ways Creating Infoproducts Can Make You Money


When you start looking at creating infoproducts one of the first choices you face is whether to create an ebook or to come up with something else. eBooks are a great digital product to create and sell, but there is more than one way to sell information online. In this article we will give you a few ways you can create information products online besides ebooks.

1. Create a report that really addresses a very specific niche within a broad theme. An example of this would be a report on 10 things to do Chicago in the summer. This is very specific and would attract an audience traveling to Chicago. A report on 10 things to do on your summer vacation is good, but not as specific.

You would want to know how many people are searching for travel information about Chicago. You could sell a quality report for $5-$10 and it does not have to be as long as a book.

2. Teleseminars are becoming a great infoproduct and an excellent sales tool for back end products as well. A 1 hour seminar featuring valuable information on a timely topic can be easy to create and sell for $20-$50 a person. You can limit the access to help sell out quicker. You could do a group of teleseminars and then compile them and sell access to the recordings at a later date.

3. In place of eBooks create ecourses and sell them. You can deliver them right to a person’s email. a 5 or 10 part email course could be sold for $20-$30 and once you have it set up can bring you money over and over. It is easy to update whenever it needs to be. With the number of free ebooks and ecourses you need yours to really deliver, but many people will perceive it as more valuable than a free one and pay based on that.

4. Audio books are big business today. Why not create an audio version of an ebook or ecourse and make that available for sale. People will even pay a little more for an mp3 version of a product.

5. As social networking continues to advance people are looking for ways to become involved and interact with the products they buy. Doing interviews with experts and selling them as an infoproduct online offers huge potential to the savvy marketer willing to learn how to this. They are easy to record and can be done over the phone and then offered online.

6. Would you pay for an ezine that offered premium information and inside tips every month. There are people who do. One guy publishes a inside information newsletter online about stocks and bonds. He hires the writers to write fresh content and sells it as a monthly membership. He clears over $1 Million Dollars a year.

7. Private memberships are another infoproduct you can create and make very good money on. I know one membership site that was created off of a person’s fascination with celebrities. He offers the contact information on over 10,000 celebrities for under $10 a month. He has over 40,000 members and works 10 hours a day 5 days a week keeping it updated.

8. Another popular digital infoproduct today is private label rights videos. There are websites that offers a monthly membership with access to ready-made videos on most popular subjects with private label rights. You can take PLR videos “as is” and bundle them to create infoproducts on virtually any subject. With a good sales letter you can make money selling these in bundles. If you know how to edit videos using Camtasia or similar software you can make changes and earn even more by selling videos with your company logo and advertisements. Videos are the perfect media for viral marketing.

This is 8 ideas on creating infoproducts. You really are only limited by your own creativity. Membership sites take work every month to make the membership worthwhile. Other infoproducts can be set up to make sales for years to come. The choice is up to you.


Source by Almin Cehajic