How Banks Make Money


Find out how banks work and make money. Read this report right now to get the real truth:

Banks are businesses and need to make profit just like any other business. Many people (mostly poor) associate this type of business with something evil. The truth is that we need banks and they need us. Banks need to thrive and if they did not, our economy would be in a really bad state. Yes these are economically challenging times already but things would be a lot worse if the banks suffered.

Here are 5 Ways they make money:

1- Loans:

They offer us loans and make money in the form of interest. There is always risk involved and this type of business is no exception. They charge higher interest rates for loans that pose a higher risk and charge lower interest rates on loans that pose less risk. The amount that they charge in interest in most typical cases depends on how many people wanting to borrow and how much that they can afford to lend.

2. Savings Accounts:

  • Most banks offer their customers around 4% in interest on the amount of money that they have deposited in their savings accounts. They will in turn offer someone who wants a mortgage at lets say 7% as an example. They make their profit by the difference of (7% – 4%) 3%. These figures are used as examples only and the system in which they use is not so cut and dry. This is just to give you an idea how money is made on savings accounts.
  • Some banks will also use your savings to invest in other things like Forex trading, hedge funds and retirement funds management.

3- Fees:

  • Loan applications fees
  • Closing fees
  • Account maintenance fees
  • Over draft fees
  • Late fees
  • Bank machine fees
  • Paper transaction fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Teller transaction fees
  • Insufficient fund fees

4. Investment Opportunities:

Banks also make money by offering customers stocks, bonds and other securities that they can invest their money into.

Banks play an important role in our lives. They lend us money to buy our homes and cars. Can you imagine having to save up money to buy a house? Many of us would not be able to manage this until maybe after retirement.


Source by Rory Singh

College Student Money Making – How to Make Money in College


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Source by Sam Gray

Freelance Design Tricks – How To Get Away With Murder In The Workplace


Every large design company whether it’s a multi-national branding corporation or a regular down at heel tatty magazine publisher needs to fill holes in the workforce. If the canny freelance designer plays his or her cards right, he can earn a tidy sum while essentially loafing at home. Here’s how…

Have a handy repotoire of excuses lined up

Everyone has heard of the line ‘the dog ate it…’ or ‘I left it in my jeans when it went into the wash’ to avoid handing in an assignment but how often do we actually use them? Some of these old well worn excuses are due for a renaissance period. A boss is far more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt when you use one of these old dogs as they will question your sanity for attempting to use such an audacious excuse. Reverse psychology. Use it to your advantage

Backstabbing – Is it so wrong?

A favourite trick to pull on another member of staff is to sow the seeds of doubt in the rest of the full-timers minds about your chosen fall guy. Office politics can play a huge role in screwing with their heads. Why not try surreptitiously planting somebody elses scissors or staplers in the victims drawer and asking to borrow them. When they can’t find them say you saw so and so using them earlier. Sit back and watch the tension build.

An apple a day…

Being a teachers pet can sometimes work wonders when you haven’t bothered to layout those pages that were given to you 3 weeks ago. Coming into the office armed with a nice rich chocolate gateau for everyone will smooth over any resentment for your tarde lackadaisacal attitude to work. Another good idea is to be the coffee gopher at regular half hour intervals. When you’re gone they’ll really miss you and because of the caffeine withdrawal will be snapping at one another.

Outsource and reap the rewards

Everybodies doing it so why not you? If you’ve landed a hefty long term design job that is a regular payer, why not bump your rates up and get somebody in India or China to knock out the work for you. Unethical? Perhaps but since when did you consider the plight of individuals in far flung places? You can explain away the discrepances in language and grammar by claiming you’ve been working all hours

Getting away with murder

There comes a time and place when despite your best efforts to cover your ass and blame others for your laziness and ineptitude, you are going to be found out. At this stage with disgruntled colleagues lining up to put in a bad word about you, there may be no other option left but to use the failsafe rear guard action of killing someone. This will have the effect of distracting attention from your less than honest approach to handing in graphic designs on time. It’s probably best to avoid murdering the boss as questions are likely to be raised and you may find the new apointed editor will not see you as part of the new team format. No, go for one of the more replacable members of staff such as Ian the sub-editor, the resulting fracas will buy you enough time to work on some new scams at another organisation

So there you go, use these tricks as and when you feel they may benefit you. But be careful the cops are sometimes pretty keen to clamp down on office genocide – only use this last option under extreme duress.


Source by Horatio Farquaar

Why You Are Not Making Money Online – The Truth


Have you been trying to make money online? You’ve bought product after product each one promising you fabulous wealth and riches. They say all you have to do is buy this new software or program, install it on your computer, run it for a few hours each day, and the sales will start flowing like water going down hill. You spend your $37 or $47 or $97 dollars thinking “finally, this is it”. After you make your purchase, you get hit with an upsell “buy this and everything will be done for you automatically”.

So you pull out your credit card and spend another $50 or $100 or $200 or more dollars. You wait in anticipation for your new business to start cranking out the big bucks for you. But even then, you find you still have to do work, the directions are still complicated and even worse, it doesn’t work as described. Instead of pulling in crisp hundred dollar bills every couple days, you’re lucky if you can even make one sale in a month or more.

In the meantime, you’re hit with another 50 or 100 emails everyday, each one promising you bigger, better easier, faster and more money. So you forget about the product you bought last month and jump on this new better, improved bigger money maker. And pretty much, the same thing happens again. The big bucks you were expecting just don’t come. And a month or two later, you repeat the same cycle again. And every couple months a new product launch takes place promising easier, faster, more money. And it is endless. Everyday you get more and more emails from more and more “gurus” promising bigger, better, faster and easier money making.

Here’s the solution. Stop it. Stop reading emails. Stop buying products. Stop wasting your time and money. Stop having your dreams crushed. You’ve probably read hundreds and hundreds of emails. Pick one guru that resonates with you. Only one. Buy their product or their coaching. Focus like a laser on making that product work and nothing else. If you can’t get it to work the way they say, contact the guru and tell them the situation. If they can’t or won’t help you, ask for a refund.

If you follow the instructions to the letter and you are not making the money they say you should, then they don’t deserve to keep your money. Clickbank products give you a 60 days money back guarantee. Give it your all for 59 days. If you don’t see progress or it is not working as promised – REFUND. Either they deliver what they promised you, or don’t pay. That’s the way it should be.


Source by Carl R Willoughby