Finding The Elusive Money Making Online Business


Making money from internet marketing had eluded me for a long time but what I’ve found is that all I needed to do is apply what I’ve learnt from succeeding with my recent weight loss. You see I don’t know about you but getting fit and staying healthy has been a lifelong challenge (I’ve always tended to be on the “chunky” side). A few months ago I came across a new diet and decided to try it, (I was 45lb over weight) it worked! I reached my goal weight in three months but more than that it gave me ‘understanding’.

Something else had had to change first before I could succeed with the diet and that was my thinking! I started to understand that it wasn’t the particular programme I was on that mattered as much as how I approached it. My thinking had to change, which really had to be broken down into three stages, which I call Feel-Think-Do.

Feel – I needed to feel the need to lose weight. I learnt that it was good to dwell a little on the problems. Then to think and meditate, really get in touch with my hopes, dreams and things I would like to achieve. I had to move my mind beyond my current reality and really get in touch with those feelings. But it’s important not to get stuck there. I had to use those feelings as motivators to action, action with a thought through plan.

ThinkPut a plan together. This involved research, thinking about myself and my motivations, what really would work for me, i.e. I hate counting calories or points, I needed a simple list of things that I could eat and a list of things I couldn’t eat, then I didn’t have to take up any more space in my day working out how many calories or points I had left that I could use up. I have done this too with my approach to finding an online business.

Do– Follow through with the plan. Sounds simple and it is but not always that easy. What I have found is that if I have really completed the first two stages of the thinking well, then I am more confident to take action. I’m not working with niggling doubts in the back of my mind about the direction I am going and the action I need to take to get there. I have resolved all of that. When a new problem or obstacle arises I can simple revisit the process, get back in touch with the motivation, review the action plan and then carry on with the appropriate action.

Applying all this to finding the right online business for me has worked wonders. First I got in touch with my real needs, money and how much money, time and what I needed to prioritize for and more than anything what sort of life I wanted to live and why. Knowing that, I was able to search for a business that suited my priorities, style and personal makeup. Like with the diet, I needed something that didn’t require me to have to count every little detail, I needed some of that to be done for me. It needed to be simple to follow, with enough freedom to develop as I went along. Knowing what I needed made it possible for me to find it. The last phase, doing, is all the easier with the motivation and confidence that I have the right plan in place.


Source by Martin Abel

Making Money On The Internet


If you do the internet search on how to make money, you will find a ton of ways to earn money from the internet. Yes, It is possible to earn money from internet. You can earn from 5 cents to a couple of hundred thousand dollars per month. is a great example of a successful website. They make over 100,000 dollars on their first month. So what are ways that you can earn money from the internet.

1) Sell stuffs. If you have a product and you know how to make a website. You can earn money. Internet is a great place to sell and buy stuff. I am sure you must have heard of E-Bay. They make billion of dollars.

2) Advertising. If you have a great website and high volume traffic, you can make a lot of money by placing advertise banner on your site. Google AdSense is a great example. You will be paid, when people click on your banner. You can create any interesting site like joke sites or photo sites. As long as you can create traffic, you can earn money.

3) Affiliate Program. If you have a good site without a product for selling, try to sign up for a affiliate program. Amazon is a great example of a successful affiliate program.

Internet is a great place to make money, but you have to know how. Be careful of fraud and scams. Search Engine Optimization is an important skill that you should learn to make money from the internet.


Source by Verapol Chaiyapin

Make Money Online With Social Networking Sites


Social Networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tagged, and so on are great for many reasons to help you make more money online. Here are some of them:

(1) People will know you more. Personally. They see the human side of you. The more they are familiar with you the more they trust you. The more they trust you the more they listen to what you recommend or buy your products or services.

(2) You can create tons of quality backlinks for your website, which in the long run will boost your site's rank in search engines like Google and Yahoo. And it means quality visitors. It means business.

(3) You have a great chance to build your name as "a trusted brand name" by giving advices, helps not by hard selling.

(4) You can build your own networks of thousands of friends who like the things that you like. It will drive a lot of quality traffic to your sites, if you do it right.

(5) And many more.

There are also several Network Marketing sites that pay you for doing what you normally do in any other Social Networking sites, such as: MyLot, Yuwie, PeopleString, GeoString … you name it.

So if you have a lot of Good Friends in some Social Networking Sites that do not pay you, chances are you can ask them to join you in the ones that do.

This way, you earn money in 2 ways from Social Networking Sites that pay:

(1) By doing what you usually doing: blogging, uploading photos, uploading videos, etc.
(2) By referring your Social Networking Sites friends.

When you are pretty active, before you know it, you can pay your electricity and internet bills with the money you received from them. And, if your referrals are more than 500 and most of them are also active recruiting their own friends, you can pay for a lot more than just your electricity and internet bills.


Source by Rizky Nur Zamzamy

A Great Way to Make Money Writing About Travel


With the world turning into the Global Village that it is newer generations are more focused on world traveling. They have a defect interest in the foreign world. Individuals grow up with a vast knowledge of the world. This has only happened recently and very few generations are infected by this new travel bug that has bitten the world. As the Internet expands and absorbs everything around it the world's beauties can be viewed from a chair but this is just a tease. It only spurs on the want to see the world and the want to hear about it. If one has traveled the world and knows the hot spots and has ateen at the good restaurants then writing about it can bring in a very respectable living. Taking the time to put together a travel eBook can be the most lucrative thing a person can do. As young people grow up in this technologically driven world the Internet does as much of a job raising a child as anything and as time continues on the Internet will only become more accessible to children and young people that will be doing the bulk of the traveling around the world. Not only this but a well done eBook can even appeal to and give opinions to seasoned travelers that are looking for good tips for new places to see.

Writing an eBook is just one aspect to make money online as a writer. As well as or instead of writing the eBook one can get jobs writing on travel blogs. This gives the writer the option of moving around and only needing an Internet connection to do the work needed. Not only that but if there is an eBook one can sign up for affiliation programs such as Ad-sense and can advertise their eBook and make money off of the advertisements as well as potentially the added sales. What can help is starting up an original blog post and continuing it daily or weekly or even often one is able to commit time to the blog. Make sure to make it captivities and interesting or the online community will lose interest with it. Make sure the blogs are as informative as the book and if there is no book then even more so as it is imperative that the blogs hold interest for they are the number one source of income. This can be an easy job for those that love to travel and write the two great company with each other as writing is great from multiple perspectives that can be achieved through traveling. Continue to keep an eye on the trends of technology as they will often be a guide to the development of the generation of the time. Always research the topics talked about on blogs and in the eBook on the Internet and try to offer a unique look this is the best way to make money off of an eBook and make sure to continue to make money into the future online.


Source by Jeff C Daniels