Making Money Online – Can You Really Make Money Online in Your Time?


Yes, you can make money in your spare time and work from home on the internet!

You know that customers pay money for products, and sellers pay money for advertising. So you can capitalize on this, and make money in 2 ways:

Method # 1 – Sell something – customer pays you in exchange for a product or service
Method # 2 – Advertise something – seller pays you for getting them more sales

The beauty of the internet is:

* Most products are electronic, and electronically delivered to customers, so no need for storage, physical delivery, time delays, etc. You can work from home.
* Majority of advertising for electronic products is done by electronic means, so no need for newspaper ads, billboards, etc.
* Worldwide market:
* almost 7 Billion people in the world
* only around 25% are internet users (around 1.7 Billion)
* these users have risen by around 400% in the last 10 years, rising quicker and quicker!

Both methods are essentially used in traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses (eg. A bakery – the purchaser pays the bakery for a pie, and the bakery pays the TV station for advertising). The only real difference is the type of product and advertising medium – both of which are predominately electronic.

Method # 1 Detail – The main products sold on the internet are information-based products, like ebooks, audiobooks, videos, etc. These are usually some kind of instructional media – which helps people in some way. For example, an eBook on "How to grow larger tomatoes", or an audiobook on "How to deal with stress". Just think about it – I'm sure there's many things you've had to research to find the answers to, or discovered by chance, that other people are willing to pay to get the answers or advice from you. Method # 1 is essentially selling this information to others – making an ebook, video, or audio recording and selling it. Remember – internet users are information junkies – that's why you're here reading this is not it? To get information.

Now, how do people find these products to buy? Method # 2 revolves around making money by advertising these products. Not surprisingly, the advertising of these electronic media products is done mainly electronically. This is quite simple – it involves putting advertisements for the products in areas of the internet that people will see them If a person sees your advertisement for the product, and goes to buy the product, you get paid a commission by the seller. The beauty of this method is you do not need a product – you just market other peoples products, called 'affiliate marketing'. All you have to do is make sure you put the ad in a space which people are enticed to go to (eg articles like this, blogs, internet pages, reviews, etc.). This is called internet 'traffic' – the more traffic (people) you have viewing the area where the ad is, the more people will click the link, buy the product, and the more online money you'll make for advertising it.

So get to it – come up with an information product and sell it, or start marketing other people's products – it really is quite easy, and can be done in your spare time. There's plenty of detailed information around the different ways to do both methods – to make online money.


Source by Andy Co

How to Make Money Online As a Writer


The world of the writer has long held a certain mystique. Perhaps you envision a writer toiling away through the night, wreathed in cigarette smoke, as he or she pounds away on the keys of a typewriter (or a computer). However, that image has little in common with reality. In the modern world, you have numerous ways to make money online as a writer. What are the best ways to become a writer? What jobs pay real money? Who can become a writer?

When you learn how to make money online as a writer, you will come to understand the wide difference in positions available. While some writers do toil through the night, pounding out their magnum opus, most writers operate a bit differently. Before you can make money online as a writer, you will need to determine what type of writing you enjoy.

Freelance Writers – Freelance writing encompasses a bit of everything and can include writing articles, advertising, marketing materials, website content and more. While freelance writers are rarely as well paid as advertising specialists, the variety and pay are quite good and can make a very satisfying career choice.

Copywriter – A copywriter is one who makes a living writing advertising copy. Frequently, these individuals are very highly paid, although the position requires an in-depth understanding of the human psyche and marketing tactics. You can make money online as a writer providing advertising copy and earn a fabulous living.

Technical Writing – Technical writing is very different from the two options mentioned above. To make money online as a writer of technical information, you must have highly specialized information regarding the field in question. This may be writing technical manuals, creating guidebooks, software documentation and more. However, to become a technical writer, you must have a certain aptitude.

Medical Writing – Medical writing, transcription and editing are some of the fastest growing areas of home business. Doctors, hospitals, nurses and publishers regularly regularly outsource jobs in these spheres and, if you can perform, you stand to earn a dramatic income. To make money online writing in the medical field, you will need a working knowledge of medical terminology and adherence to strict guidelines.

As you can see, you can make money online as a writer and earn a tremendous income. Below, you will find some resources to help you get started on your path to success.


Source by Corwin Clive

Making Money by Blogging


Entrepreneurs make money blogging using two main types of business models. The most common way that people turn blogging into a profit making machine is to contact different companies that will want to reach your readers to buy advertising. Another way that money can be made is to help a single brand improve its image by creating a positive association between your blog and their product in the minds of purchasers. You can make lots of money with either method, especially if you use your marketing skills.

There are two basic ways that you can recruit companies to buy advertising on your site, if that is why you are blogging. If you want sponsors to put ads on your site you can let someone else take care of recruiting them or you can recruit them yourself so that all of the proceeds will go to you. If you do not have time to recruit sponsors, then you may want to do what many other people do. They make money through Google's AdSense program, which has numerous advantages. One of the best advantages is that it takes very little effort on the part of the blogger to start making money. Most people find, though, that they make less money than they had planned from their blog.

A more lucrative way of making money through blogging is by recruiting companies to put their ads and links on your blog yourself. You may want to do this yourself, especially if you have contacts in different companies that may be interested in advertising on your blog. If you have a sales background, you may also do very well selling your advertising yourself. The only problem with selling advertising directly to companies is that it will take a sizable readership to attract the companies to buy ads, and this means that you may have to complete several months of work before you begin to see the money through blogging.

Established companies are trying to find a way that they can get into the lucrative business of blogging. One of the ways that they are getting into the blogging business is by creating blogs to put a friendly face on their company. They will have an experienced blogger create a blog that will appeal to their prospective customers to create a positive attitude about their company and the brand that they are trying to sell. You would be surprised by the number of bloggers who did not plan on making money blogging that have been contacted by a company with a financial financial offer to blog for them.

You can make money blogging. You just need to learn about the different ways to make money so that you will be more knowledgeable about the process. Then you can type your way to making money.


Source by Lewis Freeman

Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs


Making Money Online Is Not Difficult

That many people have been getting a five-figure income every month from affiliate programs is no secret. Some have come to the point of quitting steady nine to five jobs in return for a high paying online source of income, away from mean-looking bosses, away from blood pressure-raising traffic jams and other health hazards. There is no high academic qualification required in affiliate business. There is no large monetary investment needed. Going to college could be more difficult than this. As a matter of fact the lower the qualification, the greater the urge to jump into internet business for extra income.

When I say it is not difficult does not mean that it is easy. It is somewhere in between. One must realize that affiliate programs go nowhere without buyers. Having a website that recommends affiliate products that just sits there waiting for visitors to stumble upon it by accident will not do any good. There is disciplined work that needs to be done – especially in the beginning – to ensure your website visits a lot of converting traffic. By converting traffic I mean people that not only visit your website but more than that choose to buy the product that you are recommending – and they buy it through your affiliate link.

Why Affiliate Programs

Selling through affiliate programs is simple because you do not need to come up with your own product. Moreover, the product that you are recommending would most likely be – after doing some research and making some selections – a product that is well known in the market and has a lot of demand nationally although if not internationally.

To ensure success you may want to be selective and go for the products that you yourself have used and are satisfied with or a product that you have done some research on and know from the reviews given by users of that product that it is an attractive and highly recommended product.

2 Steps To Making Money

Marketing is the part where disciplined work is needed. A product could be static in the sense that you are selling one and the same product for many years. Neverheless, marketing has to always be dynamic and ever moving.

First thing first, you need a means of reaching the crowd. A website comes in order. For the price of a nice seafood dinner for one, you may get yourself a domain name and a descendant hosting service for one full year. If money is tight, offers a free means – a free blog spot for you to use – that can be as effective for marketing as paid domain name and hosting.

Secondly, you need to invite people to your website. Pay-per-click advertising may be used. However if you have the time there is a more effective yet free means of bringing tons of traffic to your site. It is article marketing. By continuously producing good relevant articles for your site – containing keywords that are frequently searched – the traffic to your site will continue to grow. To enhance traffic convergence to your site even more, you may also submit articles to popular information sites such as with a link in the resource box that would entice visitors to your website.

And there you have it – a general frame of work for successful online affiliate business. It is not difficult. It is not expensive. It somewhat challenges the mind and spirit. And if you like to write your articles yourself then your hard work may promise you more than just monetary return – it gives you self-satisfaction.


Source by A Sidek