Teaching How To Make Money Online For Kids


Who says that kids can not produce any money should have some parental orientation once again. Of course, kids can make money. There are many ways on how kids can actually bring in some cash such as by taking light household chores, mowing the lawn, and delivering newspapers. But nowdays, the current trend has actually changed as new ways of making money for kids has upgraded into a whole new technical level – making money online. Teaching how to make money online for kids is actually one good way of letting the tykes practice their financial control. If the kids know how to earn some money as additional cash, it can make them value every amount of penny that they've got, unless of course if their parents are millionaires already. Here are some ways on how kids can earn some money, teach them how and they can even bring in some surprises.

• Suggest blog sites. Getting the kids to write about stuff they are interested with is a good way to encourage them to make money online without actually creating the "work" atmosphere to them. Kids would love to write about things such as toys, projects and artwork. Sites that are also read by other kids and are for kids are willing to pay for fresh content for their sites. Producing fresh content is one way for the site to gain popularity, improve its visitor traffic and gain some money. Parents or guardians can first help the kids sign in to a particular site. Then, they can also help the kids in submitting articles by checking it first.
• Let the kids sell stuffs on eBay. Kids who would want to be future businesspersons can start early by joining eBay and other online market sites. Young girls can sell their previous dresses, old toys, and accessories on the net at a much less price. On the other hand, boys can also sell their old toys, books, and clothes. Let the kids do the business deals and give them the freedom to set the price for their goods. Kids would have so much fun seeing their items being purchased. See, teaching ways on how to make money online for kids can be heartwarming for parents too.
• Gamer kids can sell character items. While some kids prefer the sun and outdoors, there are some kids who love to have some virtual fun. And instead of reprimanding them for those hours playing computer games, and getting snide remarks from them, why not change the strategy and make them productive by letting them sell online character items? Many online level-up games nowdays require items for the different characters involved. While parents do not actually understand much about this, kids do – so just let them do their thing but just be there for assistance whenever they do some online deals.

With all these possible strategies of teaching ways on how to make money online for kids, every parent must somehow be knowledgeable about the ins and out of the trade. The most important thing to really consider is to make sure that the kids are not going through a site that is possibly a scam. Doing research about the site first is helpful. Most importantly, make sure that these kids will not be filing child labor charges, just kidding aside.


Source by Nam Chu

Network Marketing: The Only Way to Make Money and Get Out of Debt Today!


So teachers make almost no money, everyone knows that, right? Even my students know that I make no money, but they still expect me to supply them with pencils, markets, glue sticks, paper, etc. I guess that is the problem with the generation we are creating – against all my efforts not to enable them (but that is a subject of an entirely different blog I suppose). The teachers in my district did finally get a raise this year, after not having one for over 3 years! So why am I taking home less money than I was last year? Which led me to figure out how to make ends meet and still work a full time career (who am I kidding- teaching is more than full time- its ALL time!), AND have time for my family as well …

As an educated person, I did my homework (which is more than I can say for the majority of my students) and searched the heck out of every way I could make money on the side while still holding on to what precious little family time I had. After months of research, data collection, webinars, power points, and wandering through all the scams that are out there, I found the perfect opportunity for myself and my family … Network Marketing!

I know what you're thinking –

I've heard of that- its a pyramid scheme!

I was wary at first too, but like I said, I did my homework- a lot of it. And it's not a pyramid scheme (which is illegal, by the way). Network marketing is completely legal, and the MOST effective way of product distribution for companies. It is so effective that more and more companies are popping up with this method of distribution every day.

I can not sell to my friends and family –

Yup, I looked at that route, which was the old method of network marketing … before this thing we call "THE INTERNET" came out. People spend more of their time on the internet than they do actually interacting with humans these days. People even shop online more than they go to stores, it's more convenient, easier, and you can get better deals or better products online. So THAT is where you want to make your presence- to the millions of people online who are looking for your products, want your products, and need your products. The days of bothering friends and family are over. The great thing is, there are so many systems out there to help you with your online presence.

I'm not a sales person –

Neither am I! I'm a teacher- that's what I love to do and know how to do. Guess what- that's what I still do. I TEACH adults who WANT to LEARN! I do not sell anything to anyone- I teach people what my products are capable of, and they make up their mind if it is right for them. I also teach people how to make money doing the same exact thing I am doing, and how easy it is. What's great is I get to do it from home, in my JEANS, or even my pj's if I want! What else is great is that the people I'm teaching are people I CHOSE to teach, and want to learn! Can you imagine having a classroom where you get to hand-pick the students, and those students are excited about every sentence that comes out of your mouth? A classroom where students DO what you tell them to do because they know it directly affects them? A classroom where no one talks back to you, and parents are not emailing you about why their child is failing? Let me tell you- its AMAZING!

So there's my secret- I have the easiest, most fun and exciting second career that may actually become my one and only career in the future (as many complaints as I have about being a teacher- It's still what I love, so I'm not ready do give it up yet). Not only that, but I can make money WHILE I'm doing other things- like teaching at school, playing with my children, and sleeping! I'm serious, I make money even while I'm m sleeping!

Here's what I love about Network Marketing:

Not missing out on family time
No long hours at an office / classroom / cash register / warehouse
No commutes with traffic
Work anywhere- networking happens wherever you go!
Flexibility in schedule
Be your own boss
Have a social life
Getting paid for sharing a passion
Tax benefits
Residual income
Work from your own home office!

Although many people are going out looking for jobs or (even second jobs like I was) that they hate and for bosses they despise, I found that I could work for myself right from the comfort of my own home. So I'm actually working at my kitchen table right now, and watching the leads come in from an ad I placed online last week! This allows people to have an easy second income, moms and / or dads to stay at home with their kids, college grads to get a job that will pay, burnt-out workers finding joy in something again, and millions of baby boomers to be able to retire! Even Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki explain that the real money is in networking!

You read it right – the amazing money-making secret of a desperate teacher from the sticks of New Hampshire is Network marketing! Not only am I making ends meet, but I'm making enough to rival my teaching paycheck (although that's not rally a hard task). And I've just started started- Imagine where I'll be this time next year! I'm so excited to be able to buy Christmas presents for my children, pay off my bills, put extra money towards my mortgage, and even pay for a JEANS DAY at school! I have not been able to scrounge up that kind of money for years! Can you imagine not having to worry about money? It is the best feeling ever! Not only that, but so many people have been able to achieve 6 figure incomes in a relatively short amount of time by network marketing. How? By choosing the RIGHT company!


Source by Suzanne Tetrault

Making Money by Forum Marketing


Good day,

Forum marketing – the latest trend, or have you heard of it for years now? Well, it’s definitely not new. Forums have been around since the beginning of the internet in one form or another. They used to be called “bulletin boards” back in the old days, but never the less, used as a place to communicate between a group of people usually with a common goal in mind. This goal usually is some kind of club with an interest relating to computers, but not necessarily.

So what then is forum marketing? There are many kinds of forums, but if you want to market your website or a product your promoting, then it’s a great place to hang out. Forums are a place for very serious users of marketing, business, and internet hobbyists. Why do they hang out? Mostly to learn the latest techniques in what ever the forum is about, such as internet marketing or promotion. What works, what doesn’t, how to get traffic, how to build a better website, it’s all there and more. It’s a great place for “newbies” in any subject to get their questions answered.

There are other advantages to forums, such as the ability to find business contacts with whom you can learn from and even start a partnership if you wish. Also posting on forums is a great way to get your website a boost in page rank, since you can post a signature file that utilizes your web address in a text link. This text link can be tied to a keyword used to boost traffic to your site, which is one of the best ways to get more traffic. Another good thing about forums is the bonding and trust that is built up over time as users answer questions for each other. If you can answer tough questions consistently for your topic of discussion, you will eventually be seen as a guru which builds some really great “rep” for you in the business world.

So no matter what your business or hobby, if you have a website to promote then go out and find a forum that is based on that topic. Just go to Google and I’m sure you’ll find one, they exist for nearly every topic under the sun. Hang out for awhile, and if you like what you read then sign up and start posting! It will be sure to boost your marketing efforts, and who knows it maybe even be fun, right?


Source by Doug Hart

5 Money Making Tips For All Internet Business Beginners


Are you an internet business beginner that has been struggling to earn an income with your new business? To help you begin accomplishing your goal, there are a few money making tips that you need to learn immediately.

1. Be sure you have chosen the correct business idea for you – one of the top reasons that many new business owners struggle to earn any money with their business is because they have selected the incorrect one.

You need to very carefully choose the business you will start so that you can enjoy it and so that it will always feel like you are the owner of your own business and not a slave to a job anymore, which can and will occur if you select the incorrect business for your personality.

2. Learn while you make an income – There is a lot of knowledge that has to be gained with time by all business owners. Begin learning from day one of the business and continue to learn at least one new thing each day.

The more knowledge you gain the more income you will make and the faster you will accomplish it.

3. Advertise every day – Traffic is the number one thing you need for your business before you can make any money with it. It is important to market your business every day using one marketing method at a time.

You can switch the methods used daily, but be sure you always advertise your business every day because this is the fastest way to grow business traffic and income.

4. Build a list – This is something you will hear all over the internet because it is a very effective method for helping any business owner increase their income. The list is going to give you a way to keep in touch with potential customers or past customers so you have the chance to build trust with them and to make them a repeat customer of yours.

5. Build relationships – You need to build relationships on the internet with your potential customers, but also with other business owners that can be a benefit to your business. These relationships are vital to building a successful business because the more people online trust you the more income you will generate with your business.

With these money making tips in your mind, you are now more prepared for earning an income with your business. You just have to realize that you are the only one that can take the steps required to achieve this goal, so get started immediately so you can begin living the goal and not just struggling to achieve it.


Source by C Mark Babcock