Automated Forex Trading – Many Advantages


Here is a question many people have: automated Forex trading, use a broker or try to do your own trades. Which one?

Automated Forex trading basically puts you in sync with the Forex market itself. Why? Because the Forex market is very liquid and fluid, and so is automated Forex trading. The Forex market operates 24 hours a day, and can change very, very quickly.

By engaging in automated Forex trading, you can place your trades based on trends you see and have them go through right when you want them to. In fact, you do not even have to sit there and watch continually to place your trades right. Instead, you can tell your software when you want to place trades, and even when you want to get out of a particular trade based upon trends you see. By contrast, it may to slow you down significantly if you try to place trades manually or if you use a broker.

Some caveats:

Of course, Forex trading, just like any other type of trading, has its risks. It is true that once you know what you are doing, automated Forex trading lets you take advantage of the Forex market to the greatest degree. However, you do have to know what you are doing. For this reason, it is advised that you sign up for a demo account through one of the Forex brokers online, and practice until you know the Forex market well.

Do some study on the market and on the different types of analysis.

For example, it is advisable to study a couple of different types of analysis and learn them well in order to be able to spot trends in trades. One of these types of analysis is called fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis studies a particular country’s social, economic and political health. Why is this important to Forex trading? Because if a particular country has stable social, economic and political health, its currency is likely to be “healthy” and stable, too. However, if a country’s social, political and economic health is unstable, then it is likely that its currency is going to be significantly devalued and not have enough power versus another currency. This is valuable information to know, because it can help you predict which currencies are going to do well against others, and therefore take your currency pairs based upon this knowledge.

Technical analysis is important, too. With technical analysis, you can spot trends in currencies and make trade decisions based upon them. If a currency has been performing well in the recent past, for example, it is likely that it is going to continue to do well. By contrast, if a currency has done poorly recently, it is likely that the trend is going to continue, too.

Once you have studied the Forex market, have opened up a demo account to practice with, and feel ready to do so, you are ready to start trading on your own. Automated Forex trading puts you right in the flow of things, so that you can trade in an instant, based on trends you see and, therefore, work with the Forex market instead of against it; this is what is going to help you see greatest profits. And because you do not have to be right there all the time to make trades instantaneously but instead can schedule your trades based on trends you want to work with, automated Forex trading is a great way to participate in the market. Check automated Forex trading out for yourself and decide if it is right for you.

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Source by Karielle Samstad

PHP Beginner – Create a Random Text Generator



When creating a website, it is often necessary to display dynamic text on the page. This text will change every time the page is loaded.

To create this solution, a database could be used. There is however another solution, it uses PHP’s built in rand() function and an array().

PHP Functions

PHP has hundreds of functions to make programming easier and more efficient. A PHP function is a built in piece of code that when called, performs a specific ‘function’, or routine, and then returns the result.

For example, the strlen() function takes in a string (a series of characters), and returns the length or how many characters that string contained. Here is how it works:

$myString = “The long day is now over!”;

// create a variable to store the length of the string


// call the function, and pass the string to it

$stringLength = strlen($myString);

// send out the length of the string to the screen

echo $stringLength;


The Output would be ’24’, because there are 24 characters in that string (include the white space character).

Rand() Function

PHP has a built in function that will generate a random number between a range. To use it, put a starting number in the first parameter location, and the end number in the second parameter location. This will create a range.

For Example:


This would generate one number each time, and it could be either 1, 2 or 3.

PHP Array

When using PHP, an array can be used to store any kind of data (strings, numbers, objects, arrays, booleans). We will use an array to store text (a string).

Arrays store information using a KEY – VALUE notation. The Key is the location of our stored text in the array. The Value is the actual text we plan to store. Here is how it looks.

$myStorageArray[KEY] = VALUE;

The KEY is a whole number, like a 1, 200, or 342. The VALUE is a string (a string is a series of characters wrapped inside single or double quotes). So the correct usage would look like this:

$myStorageArray[1] = ‘I am six feet tall’;

$myStorageArray[2] = ‘My hair color is brown’;

Do you see how it works. Put a unique number in the KEY, and set it’s VALUE to whatever text you want to store. The key is the location, and we will use it later to pull the data (VALUE) back out to print it to the screen.

Random Text Generator

Putting it all together, we will use rand() and array(). Rand() will generate a dynamic number and the array will store our data that we will retrieve dynamically.

Our task is then a simple matter of using the random number as a KEY to see the VALUE of the array. Here is the full code.

// store my quotes

$myQuotes[0] = ‘he who works, will achieve something – we hope!’;

$myQuotes[1] = ‘the early bird gets the worm, or something else with dirt’;

$myQuotes[2] = ‘that which does not kill me, hurts a lot’;

// get a random number (0,1,2)

$randomNumber = rand(0,2);

// output the value of my array based on the random number

echo $myQuotes[$randomNumber];


The $myQuotes array stores 3 of my favorite ‘modified’ quotes. The $randomNumber variable will contain a 0, 1, 2, and is used as a $randomNumber variable and placed in the KEY of the $myQuotes array. To make sure this will work, choose consecutive numbers – 1,2,3 or 4001, 4002, 4003, etc.

Every time the page is loaded, the echo statement sends one of the 3 quotes to the screen.


Using only simple PHP tools, you are able to quickly create a dynamic text generator using only rand(), echo, and an array. A simple, but very powerful PHP trick. The array can have as many KEY-VALUES as you want, just remember to increase the size of the random number range to see all of your values.


Source by Paul Markovich

Freelance Writers: Ditch Queries, Cranky Editors & the Starving Freelancer Existence


For freelance writers (and other creative professionals) to ditch queries, cranky editors and the starving freelancer existence, they must first change their mindset. To accomplish this, their mission needs to be ditching the notion of depending on the whim of large publications and / or companies to make a living .

I've conversed with many freelancers about the number of large, national publications / companies that want quality writing, design, artwork, etc. for their publications, but take months to answer questions, make freelancers wait even more months to be paid, pay paltry for the assignments to begin with, cancel gigs for no reason at all and treat freelancers little better than unnecessary cogs in their money-making wheel.

Freelancing is extremely competitive. Here, freelancers (writers, editors, web designers, illustrators, etc.) need to think beyond traditional outlets for getting work. This way, they become less dependent on the "majors" (eg, national magazines, blue-chip companies) for their living. There are so many ways for freelancers to use their editorial and / or creative skills that they do not have to turn their power over to any one company or publication.

Below are some of the more nontraditional ways that I've written about to make money if you are an editorial and / or creative professional. Eg:

Start a Virtual Assistant's Business

Niche Writing for Business Professionals

Start a Joke Site

Create Online Educational Seminars


The list is endless. So, instead of composing a query and waiting months just to hear if you got the assignment – much less how long you are going to have to wait to get paid for it – QUERY YOURSELF about how you can make freelancing a profitable way of life, not a starving existence. Happy writing (editing, designing, illustrating, etc.)


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What In The World Is Forex Training?


Forex trading is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange Trading. At times, it is also known as “FX” however that particular nickname frequently gets people confused, because FX is also shorthand for “special effects”. It is also the name of a cable channel. With the introduction of the Internet Forex trading has exploded in popularity. You would be unable to do forex trading without Internet access.

What Is an Over-The-Counter Market?

One of the benefits of educating yourself in Forex training that you do not have to do it through a broker. You have the ability to accomplish this yourself via the almighty Internet. Because of this reason, professional stockbrokers as well as the business press frequently refer to any stock play that you can accomplish yourself as “over-the-counter markets”, or OTC markets.

This is a not so subtle tongue in cheek type of nickname as a comparison of Forex to over-the-counter medication in place of the frequently more powerful medication that you would need a prescription for from a doctor.

So, What Is It, Already?

In terms of Forex training, what you do is download a program so you can learn Forex trading. You would do everything that you would normally do in Forex trading, only you would not be using any of your real money.

It is best if you take at least two months of educating yourself in Forex training software prior to you putting any type of real money into it. Nevertheless, not everybody has the ability to get rich, or even break even for that matter, with the regular stock market, much less Forex trading.

You can get Forex training software packages that are free from various Forex websites who are in the hopes of getting your business eventually. They are sort of like free samples that you would get at a cosmetic store. They would rather give you a period of game trading and are more than willing to lose some of the short-term profit so that they can reach the long-term financial goals with getting repeat types of customers.

Additional Advantages

Other benefits are that you will not have any commissions to pay, the brokers typically make their money on the spreads and there is a consistent flow of people who wish to trade, as everybody wants money.

The odds for the average individual to make money are typically higher with Forex trading then with the traditional stock market. You also have incredible leverage you can employ in your trades (also known as gearing).

There is quite a bit more to Forex training than the actual scope of this article can furnish. However understand that Forex training is not a surefire method of making money. It is also not a simple or easy way of making money, there is a lot of education as well as gambling involved. Over 50% of Forex trading is speculative in nature, which actually means, taking a gamble.


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