Unemployment Causes Consequences


Unemployment Sucks!

Well, that is a real revelation, is not it? No, really – I do know what it is like being unemployed. It is hard to sleep at night because the bills are piling up. The credit cards are raising the interest rates on your cards because you were a day or two late (or more!). The rent / mortgage is due – and of course, property taxes went up and so did your mortgage payment. Utilities are on the rise, putting gas in your car is getting more and more difficult – and yet, you can get to the job interview without gas. Yet, you have to feed your family and there is not much money left for food anymore.

It Gets Worse!

Great, right? How can it get worse? Well – it does. The market for new jobs is horrible. You may have been laid off, or maybe you just need some extra money. The problem is – there are not jobs just falling into your lap. I know – I have sent out resume after resume with no response. Honestly, if someone takes the time to communicate with you about a job, could not you at least call them, email them, or mail them a letter saying, "Thanks but No Thanks?" UGH!

Consequences Are Not All Bad

Consequences of unemployment are not all bad. Suddenly, you have some extra time in your day. You can see your family again. You can take care of things around the house. You can finish off the projects you started with all intention of finishing. Well, now is the time, right? WRONG! You are at home, worried about how you are going to cover the bills. You can not enjoy the time with the family because you are working too hard to find a job.

Where is the Money?

Now that we are clear about how bad it feels to be unemployed when you need to be employed – lets move on to a solution that will allow these feelings to go away.

  • Donate plasma – it makes about $ 300 / month if you can. It will not replace your income, but if you need some extra money, it is a profitable way of spending your time. Just search for donating plasma in your area and get started. Plus, you may help someone that is in need.
  • Sell ​​things on eBay – this is a hit or miss. Some people are really good at this. If you know someone that is really good – ask them to sell your stuff and offer to pay them 25% of what each item makes. They will get your more money for the item than you would alone – plus it frees you up to do other things.
  • Sell ​​other people's stuff – Affiliate Marketing. This is where you promote someone's product and they give you a cut of the profits. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Tutor others – this could be adult lessons in some unique skill you have, or it could be tutoring students in the area.

None of these are easy. None of them are get-rich-quick. You are going to have to work at it, but at least it is work you are in control of. That is something that an office job can never offer!


Source by Will Lowrey